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   Chapter 214 Melissa Goes Back To The Crew (Part Two)

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Melissa had thoroughly thought about this matter, so she had the intention to form an alliance with Anna. There were no permanent enemies or true friends in the commercial field, but only temporary alliance or confrontation under the interests. Therefore, she really didn't mind working together with Anna when she faced such a villain as Zack. As long as she and Anna worked together, Zack would be confused and he would behave himself. That's why she took the initiative to show kind to Anna today.

If one day she could change an agent and find a person who would serve her wholeheartedly and the two stood together, her career would definitely be promoted! Because she didn't have to worry that Zack would betray her behind her back. For example, Eric and Woody, although the two of them often didn't get along well with each other, Woody only have one artist Eric all the time. Eric had never thought of changing his agent, so he and Woody worked together, one becoming the best actor and the other becoming a famous agent in the industry.

Feeling embarrassed because Melissa looked at him like this, Zack didn't want to fall out with her. After all, he had a big quarrel with Anna just now. He had to seize the last one, so he changed the topic and said, "By the way, you should pay attention to Junia recently. What Anna said is not only a bluff, but also a real source. Maybe you don't know that Junia has signed the contract with the leading actress of your urban love drama! "

"It's the drama where I acted the mistress. She acted the female lead?" With a frown, Melissa stopped talking about Anna and she talked about the business with him.

"That's right. There have already had some negative comments on your role. If it was Junia who acted in this role, she might step on you! In fact, the relationship between you and Junia has been known to be at odds because of director Li's play and Mr. Colin's matter. You played the evil role in the play, and she played the decent role. If her team leads your role in the play to your real life, you will definitely be scolded by people. But Junia is still a holy and pure girl. At that time, she will step on you and flatter herself. Killing two birds with one stone. Do you think that she will let such a good opportunity go? Besides, it's not the first time that her team has done such a thing. They are very powerful. You have to guard against them! "

"Does Junia hate me so

re still injured. But with a few more band aids, Melissa could endure the pain and continue the play.

The dressing room was connected to the rest room of the crew. If Melissa wanted to go to the dressing room, she had to go through it. When Melissa walked through the lounge with her ancient dress, she saw director Li resting inside.

Melissa greeted with a smile. "Director, you are here too? Have you had dinner? "

Then when she walked a few steps forward and bypassed the wall, she saw a person sitting opposite director Li. It was actually Eric!

Melissa was stunned and didn't know what to say.

Director Li greeted her with a smile, "Yes, I have. I have something to talk with Eric."

But Melissa kept looking at Eric. Eric dressed differently today. He was like a businessman, not like a star at all. Because he was in a suit and tie, and his hair had been cut. It was neat and tidy, without any hair product embellishment. He was clean and forthright. If people didn't pay attention to it, they would really think that he was a businessman, and they couldn't imagine the handsome best actor in the limelight.

When Eric saw her, he smiled at her calmly and said, "Hello, Miss Melissa!"

Embarrassed, Melissa smiled and said, "Hello!" Then she lowered her head and said to the director, "Director, I'm going to fix my makeup!" Then she walked quickly to the dressing room.

However, it was inevitable that there was a fluctuation in Melissa's heart. When she met Eric, her mood was still very complicated, and Eric was able to smile at her calmly. Was he forced to smile or was he really let it go?

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