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   Chapter 210 (Part Two)

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"So you want to play a bad guy to hurt yourself on purpose? No wonder Zack said that you were always disobedient and didn't listen to any advice! Besides, there is another reason why I don't think you should act in TV series. That is, don't always be in the TV circle in the future. If you really want to go far, you have to go to the big screen. I will inform the top managers of your company later and ask them to protect you more. I will invest in your film and television resources, and hire some famous stars or directors to support you to act the female lead. You can make a difference by shooting a few movies. Even if you are not very popular, you will still take the high-end of the screen. In the future, you don't need to worry that no one will ask you to shoot a movie? Many so-called red stars are made in this way. "

But Melissa frowned and said, "I know you are for my own good, but I really don't want to do that. If I haven't been in the TV circle, there will be no audience foundation. In the future, even if I shoot a movie, I won't have any appeal. Although the famous director is willing to hire me, he will look down upon me in private. What I need is people's obedience and recognition, not for your sake! "

Thinking of Billy's attitude towards her, Melissa sighed. Everyone smiled at her, but they didn't really mean it and it was all fake prosperity. There was nothing to enjoy. What she wanted more was to climb up step by step. When she really stood on the stage and took the trophy, it would be what she wanted the most!

The so-called pursuit and the so-called art were not only about the result, but also enjoying the hardships in the process of fighting. The rainbow they saw after going through the wind and rain was the real beautiful rainbow, not man-made!

"What a silly woman!" Colin shook his head, complet

he didn't like her, including Fannie's son, Colin.

Fannie and her son were treading on thin ice in Ling family. If it weren't for Mr. Gilbert's poor health, he would have turned the tables at any time. Therefore, Fannie had to consolidate her position in power and take good care of her son. She couldn't displease Mr. Gilbert.

Unfortunately, the moment Colin met Avril, he was completely ruined. He loved this woman with all his heart, regardless that this woman was the wife of Mr. Gilbert's favorite younger brother, and that this woman should be his sister-in-law. Colin was going to be with that woman. He was really crazy.

At that time, the news about Colin and Avril's affair spread all over the city. It really disgraced Ling family, which made Gilbert very unhappy. Gilbert was so angry that he spat out blood. Caleb Ling provoked dissension between Colin and Gilbert. Gilbert even had said that he would kill Colin, the unfilial son.

Of course, Fannie was afraid. Even if she was the empress and she had gradually sidelined Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Gilbert was still the emperor and he had the final say in many things. Therefore, in order to protect Colin, Fannie certainly would not allow a woman like Avril to exist!

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