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   Chapter 209 (Part One)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 6008

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On the second day, Melissa slept a few hours late as usual. When she woke up, it was already bright. The sunlight came in from the window, and she could still feel the heat of radiation even through the curtain. After struggling for a while, Melissa was about to get up, but her eyes met Colin's.

Colin was still lying on the bed, with his hand supported his head on his side. He looked at Melissa and his eyes were very focused and serious. It seemed that he had woken up for a long time. His body was still naked under the quilt, and his hair was in a mess. It was obvious that he hadn't got out of bed yet. But he looked more sexy and charming than usual.

When she was with Colin, no matter how crazy they were last night was, he would get up early on the second day. Even if he didn't get up early, he would get up earlier than her. But today, it was rare to see him still lying in bed and looking at her.

"You..." Melissa made a sound but she didn't know what to say. She looked at him for a while and asked, "Haven't you got up yet? Why are you looking at me like that? "

"Because I like the way you sleep, especially when I see you sleep so soundly beside me." Colin looked at her and said seriously.

Somehow, Melissa's face turned red. She was still shy. Hearing Colin's sweet words, she couldn't help blushing.

Colin suddenly chuckled and pressed on her body. He rubbed his face against hers and kissed her for a while.

"Don't be like this," Said Melissa, pushing him away.

Colin still smiled, but he kept kissing and hugging her. At last, he held her hands and kissed her again. When he kissed her passionately, he touched her body with his hands, acting strange.

'Did Colin react again?' Melissa wondered. 'Didn't he enjoy himself enough last night?' Look

ing role plays the mistress? "

"You even asked about it?" Melissa picked up some food and answered casually.

"How can I not care about your business?" After a pause, Colin continued, "I don't think it's a good idea for you to take part in this play, which will damage your image. The newcomers who just started the show should play more decent roles, otherwise the audience will judge you as a bad person, and you can only act a bad person in the future. Is it good to always be scolded?"

"I don't think so." "I want to try different roles. This script is good and the role is full of characters. Compared with the same female lead, this role of mistress is much more challenging. And the real powerful actors were not afraid of taking on any roles. No matter what role that I play, I will convince the audience. If the audience scold me, it means that I have done a good job. I will take on other decent role in the future and change the position in the audience's heart."

"I guess it's very difficult. You don't know that the first time image of the screen is always very deep in the audience's heart."

"Isn't my first image on the screen was that Ice Hua?" Said Melissa with a smile.

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