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   Chapter 185 (Part One)

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In the room where Avril's belongings used to be kept. Everything had been cleared up and replaced with her belongings, but she didn't know why.

Her pictures were hung on the wall. In the room, there were all her things, including the introduction to Colin and her as well as meaningful things. Some of them were even bought in restaurants.

For example, when she dined with him once again, she saw the mugs of that restaurant were extremely exquisite. At that time, Melissa asked the waiter if she could buy one for her collection. But the waiter refused, saying that these were customized internal cups. She was very disappointed at the limited edition of these cups, but she didn't force to buy them. In the end, Colin bought back these cups through some unknown relationship as a gift. All that made her deeply moved and amazed.

There were also some gifts which were given to each other in a special holiday, such as brooch, necklace, wallet, even a hairpin, valuable, cheap, simple or exquisite stuff. As long as they had something of great value, they were placed in this room. Since Melissa entered the room, everything in the space was so eye-catching that it reminded her of a sweet story, a story that only belonged to the two of them.

Seeing these things, Melissa was shocked and speechless. She didn't know why Colin did this. He cleared up Avril's relative things, on the contrary, he decorated it with her things and made it look like he was very concerned about her. But she still couldn't believe it, nor could she confirm it.

It was not until then that Melissa knew that over the past five years, she had been living under pain, and sweet moments as well. It was not be

me sadly.


"You are heartless!" But she gritted her teeth and said.

Because of his ruthlessness, he immediately abandoned Avril, and even got rid of something that he had treasured so much. Didn't he feel hurt? After all, he once had a deep feeling for Avril. He loved her so much. How could he throw her away so easily? Does he want to throw his past love away? If he fell in love with another woman and abandoned her one day, should he clean his room and throw away all things that belonged to her?

Melissa couldn't help worrying about her own fate. Compared to Avril, she had no advantage in relationship. Even if he said that he loved her now, she still felt insecure.

Hearing that, Colin released her, turned her around, held her shoulder and said, "Melissa, what do you want?" "I know that you have cast a shadow on this room. All the things of Avril have been cleared out. I just want to make you happy, but you don't laugh at all. Instead, you say that I'm ruthless. What do you want?"

Colin didn't pretend to be the affectionate prince and showed his nature. What he did was only to make her happy.

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