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   Chapter 168 I Will Let You Go (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-04-17 00:26

The expression in Eric's eyes hurt, he looked at her. His heart was so pain, but he still asked, "Will you come back to him after breaking up with me?"

Keeping her head down, Melissa said, "It's not my choice whether I can get back to him or not." Colin was too aggressiveness for her to refuse. She had never thought that she would win in the fight against him.

Eric shook his head and said in disbelief, "You said you still love him, so you can tolerate all kinds of his coercion?"

After a while, she replied, "That's none of your business. It's my life to be or not to be with him, you can also think that I bring this on myself. No matter how much you hate me or blame me, I'll take it. I'm sorry, but I don't know what to say except I am so sorry. But don't worry. Even if I was threatened by him to death in the future, I won't come to you or provoke you. From now on, we will have nothing to do with each other!"

"Do you really think I will sit by and watch when you are threatened to a dead end by him? Melissa, you hurt me no matter what you do. Now that you feel sorry for me, why don't you make me feel better? You know that I just want to be with you. You just need to be with me and I will be very happy. Why can't you meet such a simple request? Are you really guilty from your heart?"

"I have told you that you can blame me or hate me, but I don't want to continue hurting you. You will forget me!" Melissa looked up at Eric melancholy. "Nothing is eternal, so is affection. It won't be lo

ion seemed to all be gone today.

As she walked towards the edge step by step, looking at the tiny cars and humans downstairs, suddenly, a thought came to her mind. If she jumped off here, would she be released from everything? Would she be able to free herself from the so-called pain and shackles? She wanted to experience the feeling of flying in the sky... She could fly freely in her dream, as if she hadn't experienced that for a long time...

With these thoughts in her mind, she walked towards the edge step by step. She used to be afraid of places that were too high. But today, the images on her feet became clearer and larger. Watching her tiptoes moving out bit by bit, she actually didn't feel afraid. On the contrary, she had an impulse, and wanted to embrace the feeling of free flying.

She walked step by step to the edge of the rooftop as if she were possessed, ill or under the strong will. However, just as her toes was about to reach the end, she suddenly shouted, "Ah!" She screamed.

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