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   Chapter 114 (Part Two)

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Although they were whispering, their voice was loud enough to be heard by the people around them. So did Melissa.

Melissa felt a little uncomfortable because those people said those words to embarrass her. But she really didn't want them to get what they wanted. So she didn't blush. Instead, she raised her head and gave them a slight smile. The smile was cold and natural, but she looked like the plum blossoms in the cold wind, so arrogant. Then she left with Zack.

Those female stars were stunned. They looked at each other and asked, "What does she mean?" Why is she smiling at us? What does she mean? "I don't know……" "But how can I see her smile so smug and hateful?" "Yes, she disgust me to death. What's the point to be proud of? Bah, it's no big deal!"

Those women swore at her, but Melissa was in a good mood. They said bad words to upset her, but she didn't. On the contrary, she enjoyed it, so that she could piss them off. They weren't able to piss her off!

In a good mood, Melissa followed Zack to his office. At that time, it was quiet. No one dared to say anything to her. All they did was to stand around her in silence. They didn't know why she suddenly became famous.

But Melissa didn't expect to see Anna sitting inside when she arrived at the office. Anna stood up when they opened the door. She crossed her arms and stared at them coldly, as if she had been waiting for a long time.

At the sight of Anna, Zack was in a headache and said, "Anna, go out first!"

Anna smiled coldly at Melissa, "You do have some skills." I thought you were willing to admit defeat by letting me endorse Eric's advertisement, but I didn't expect you to use me as a bait to catch the long-term interests. Are you playing a trick? You purposely turned down Eric's advertisement, which annoyed him. In the end, he caught up with you and even said that he wanted to support you! "You are really smart. Well, you have succeeded in taking advantage of me. Are you very happy that you've thoroughly trodden on me?"

Melissa was confused about Anna's anger. Why did she take her as a stepping stone when Eric wanted to support her? She did it out of good will to give her the advertising endorsement? In the end, she got to know that she claimed her kindness to play a trick on Eric in an effort to gain an intimate relationship. It seemed that Anna was distracted by jealousy. She even associated two completely different things.

Melissa understood to those popular stars' attitude. So she didn't mind pissing Anna off any more and said indifferently, "You can think whatever you like. If you really think that I have won over you and took advantage of you, you just flatter me. It means that I'm smarter than you."

"You……" Anna was pissed off. Last night, she and Zack stayed up all night to watch the news about her in the company. The news quickly spread across the major Internet overnight and the click rate was amazingly high. She knew that Melissa had turned red. Even though she had never any work or acted in some movies before, she had really become red, shockingly red. How could she not be angry? She had tried so hard for five years, but

capricious to fit in the entertainment circle. In this circle, it requires far more intelligent people, such as Junia and Sophia. Therefore, I plan to give up cultivating her! I only say this to you. You don't need to tell her. Provoking her won't do you any good. I believe you won't be as stupid as Anna to build up a furious enemy to get you into trouble, will you? Then I should congratulate you, for I should focus on you next step. With this help of Eric, I believe the company will also pay attention to you. I will tell my superiors about you, package you, and planning developing directions. With this, you will be successful in one go! "You have said that you are more potential than Anna. Don't let me down!"

Melissa looked at Zack indifferently and asked, "Zack, if it weren't for Eric, would you support me?" "Will you give up Anna to support me?"

"What?" Zack was shocked and frowned, "What's the matter? You think too much." First of all, you have met your dear benefactor, Eric. I don't have to answer your questions. The company will certainly give you whatever you want! "Wait here. I'm going to apply the medicine. The top managers will want to see you after ten minutes. Make preparations to let them know your potential!" After he finished speaking, Zack stood up and walked out with his eyebrows twisted in pain.

Sitting quietly in the empty office, Melissa felt that the surroundings quieted down. Her heart gradually calmed down, but she suddenly felt very depressed. She was a popular star now. When the company saw her, they would give her whatever she wanted. At the same time, Zack was willing to give up Anna and train her. But for some reason, she didn't feel at ease or happy at all.

Although she had told herself not to rely on Eric, she had become famous with his help in the end. However, this way was really not what she wanted. What she wanted was to become famous through her own strength. Besides, the way pissed Colin off entirely. She didn't know how to deal with those like Colin.

She couldn't imagine how long her career in the entertainment industry would be?

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