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   Chapter 113 (Part One)

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Reporters and paparazzi gathered at the entrance of Shining Media. More than 100 people were present at the first glance. There were cameras and microphones everywhere. The scene was complicated. GY Group even sent many security guards to guard at the door, in case that they would rush in, while the reporters waited outside. It seemed that they were waiting for some news.

Melissa knew that they were waiting for her, but she was alone now. If she got off the car, she would be surrounded by so many people. And she didn't know how to face them, so she just stayed in the car.

Zack called her with saying, "Come to my office at once!" He sounded rather grumpy as if he couldn't stand the torture anymore.

Melissa rushed to say, "Well……" Zack, there are reporters all over the place. Please send someone down to pick me up! "Otherwise, I think I will be squeezed into meat pies by them!"

The driver had parked the car for several minutes. Noticing that Melissa still didn't want to get out, he turned around, looked at her and asked, "Miss, are you getting out of the car or not? It's your destination."

When Melissa were talking with Zack, Melissa rushed to nod at the driver and said, "Please wait for a moment. I'll get off the car when someone comes to pick me up."

The driver complained, "It's so troublesome!" "Don't waste my time!"

But Melissa just ignored him. On the other side, Zack shouted, "What?" Reporters? Son of a bitch! I didn't expect them to come here so soon! "I'll send someone to pick you up right away!"

Melissa nodded. Then the situation got worse. Her taxi had been parked outside for a long time, so the smart reporters found it. They took a closer look at the taxi and found that she was on the phone. They were so surprised that they shouted, "Here comes Melissa!" "Here comes Melissa!" Then they rushed to her. Other people heard the news and rushed over, as if they were afraid that other press would take away the important news if they were behind.

Before hanging up the phone, Melissa was startled by the scene. She cried out, "Ah!"

At the other side, Zack asked, "What's wrong?"

"Zack, come down!"

"Why a

pletely blocking the reporters outside.

Then Melissa breathed a sigh of relief. She lowered her head and looked at her clothes which were even in a mess by those female reporters and her arms were several tightly clenched fingerprints. She thought if Zack came a little later, she would definitely be crushed into meat pies. No wonder that every time stars appeared, there were many bodyguards on the scene to protect them. She couldn't help sighing, "What a horrible thing to be famous!"

She said it in low voice, but Zack heard the words at last. He couldn't help but sneer at her, "You're right. You just take a little pain and I'm afraid that there will be a lot of hardship waiting for you in the future!" "Come to my office and explain!" With that, he strode away.

Hearing what Zack said, Melissa knew that he was in a fit of anger. She didn't dare to contradict him, so she quietly followed him to his office.

There was a long way to go, so people in every place would stop and watch her as if they had never seen Melissa before. Some popular stars even pointed at her and whispered, "Oh, it's her?" Was she Melissa? "Well, she doesn't seem special. I can't find anything special about her. Why did Eric decide to support her?" "Exactly. I think she must have some dirty tricks up her sleeve to curry favor with Eric. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to seduce him just by dint of her status." "Hum, she seems to be a cunny woman……"

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