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   Chapter 112 (Part Three)

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When she was drying her hair, she heard her phone vibrate. So when she walked to the bedside, she was surprised to find that it was from Zack. She knew what was going on even if she didn't answer the phone, so Melissa hung up the phone immediately. After hanging up, she found that there were twenty-three missed calls on the phone. She checked that most of them were from Zack and there were some unfamiliar numbers. They all showed the address of the calls. Without thinking, she knew that it must be a reporter who had found her information and called. Later, Melissa simply turned off her phone and left everything behind.

She tried not to think about those things, because there was still something more exhausting for her to deal with till tomorrow. She just wanted to relax herself tonight and think of nothing. Just before the storm broke out, let her be quiet for the last night! So she went to bed early. But at 11 o'clock at night, she woke up. She checked the alarm clock at the bedside and realized that she had only slept for three hours. She was still upset and couldn't fall asleep.

After touching her cellphone for a while, she decided to turn it on and call grandfather. No matter what would happen in the future, she had to face everything at home, didn't she? She couldn't live without her parents, nor could she hide from them forever. However, to her great surprise, her grandpa knew nothing about it. He said with a grin, "Melissa, what are you calling me for at midnight?"

Hearing her grandfather's voice, Melissa was relieved. "Nothing. I just want to know how my father is. How are you? I'm sorry to disturb my grandpa in the

. Then she dare not take the subway again and directly took a cab to the company.

On the way, Melissa picked up her phone and switched it on with fear. As she had expected, Zack called her in less than 30 seconds. The vibrating sound was as irritable as his temper. So she picked it up and answered the phone, "Hello, Zack!"

Zack was almost about to shout, but he held it back with saying, "Where are you now?" Why didn't you answer the phone? Do you know that from yesterday afternoon, the whole company has caused a sensation for you? I watched the news for the whole night. I have called you countless times, why didn't you answer it? Don't you know the world is now turned upside down? Are you going to wait until the end of the world! "Ah?" Zack wanted to hold back but he finally couldn't help but ask in an angry tone.

Melissa knew what he was thinking, so she didn't argue with him. She said calmly, "I'm heading to the company now. Don't push me. I'll be there soon."

She was indeed at the company. But when the driver stopped the car, she was shocked by the overwhelming scene outside.

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