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   Chapter 110 (Part One)

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Before Melissa and Eric walked out of the gate, they were surrounded by a crowd of reporters. All of a sudden, the reporters took pictures of them, making Melissa unable to open their eyes. She had never been faced with such a situation. Even five years ago, when she attended the live promotion activity of The Empress Woman with directors and others, she hadn't seen a reporter so crazy that they took pictures for her. It had been a long time since she had been trained to take photos from cameras. However, now she had forgotten what she should do with numerous cameras flashing. She wasn't getting used to taking photos so she lowered her head.

But the reporters thought she was shy. Numerous microphones were put in to interview them desperately. "Eric, have you really announced that Melissa is your junior sister?" "Eric, why did you take Melissa as your junior sister?" Does your company know this? "What will you deal with it?" "Melissa, when did you know Eric?" What's your relationship? "Melissa, I heard that you are an artist under GY Group, how can you act with Eric?" "Eric……" "Melissa……"

The questions popping out one by one made people dazzled and Melissa didn't know how to answer them. When she looked at Eric, she just felt that he was very calm and wore a pair of sunglasses. He looked so cool that nobody could know what he was thinking. Then Melissa lowered her head and walked out under the protection of Eric without answering.

Seeing this, these reporters swarmed up and asked even sharper and more urgent questions, forcing them to answer. Six bodyguards, Woody and two assistants stood in their way to make way for them.

At that time, Melissa was in a mess. She could do nothing but grabbed Eric's clothes tightly and leaned against him to avoid the camera. At the same time, she was more afraid of the road ahead. She knew she would be on the headline tomorrow, but what would be waiting for her? How did her parents react? What would Colin do to them? And what would she do with her company? All things were unknown and her future was uncertain. She was worried and confused.

As if knowing how she felt, Eric held her han

with a grim smile. Junia hurried to hide behind him.

The reporters were still bothering to take photos of the figure of Colin. Although they were afraid of him, there was no more bans. It was a very serious entertainment news. Mr. Colin was on the film set. Would there be any conflicts between him and Eric?

As for Melissa, she didn't turn around until she saw that Colin and Junia were unable to see the two floor clearly as the car drove away. She got a little disappointed.

It was not until then that Melissa noticed that she was grabbing the leather seat of the car so tightly that there was a mark of five fingers on it. She didn't expect that she would be so nervous. She stared at the fingerprint and sighed slightly. Then she saw that Eric was looking at her quietly for a long time. When Melissa raised her head and met his eyes, she was shocked.

Eric said, "He and Junia went inside." His tone was calm and indifferent. It seemed that he was just telling a story calmly.

However, Melissa was deeply embarrassed as if her secret had been discovered. She lowered her head and said, "Yes, I saw it."

"Are you afraid of him or what?" Asked Eric softly.

She was scared whether Colin would revenge on her or she and Colin would come to an end? Melissa replied hurriedly, "Nothing."

Eric let out a helpless sigh. He leaned back against the chair and remained silent. But there was still disappointment in his sigh.

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