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   Chapter 109 (Part Two)

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After a pause, Eric looked back and held Melissa's hand. "I'll tell you the truth. After the contract is terminated, I'll open a company of my own. With the financial resources of Chen family and my position in the entertainment circle, it won't be so difficult to open an entertainment company. In addition, I'll cooperate with Melissa for the first time and I'll support her!" "And I respect you. If you are willing to jump to another company with me, you can come to my company any time. I will pay you double or even three times of salary. I will make you much better than staying in a capitalist company like Hua Company!"

Woody was stunned and didn't know what to say. It was also the first day he knew that Eric had already made up his mind to leave Hua Company. No wonder his behaviors these days were so strange that he didn't listen to the company's arrangement at all. It seemed that he was just preparing to terminate his contract.

The first person he would ever want to support was Melissa, the woman who had a contract with other company. She was an actress of some entertainment company affiliated to GY Group. How could Eric work with her then? If Eric had to consider the commercial interest when he set up a company, why did he support that woman under the opponent company? GY Group had many stars if he wanted to support people and most of them were prettier and more popular than Melissa. Why did he only want to back Melissa who had untold relationship with Colin? It was too risky.

"Woody, you can think it over by yourself. I won't take a movie or attend any activities of the company during this period of time. There are still three months left to July before the contract is due. And I will ask you to decide whether you want to stay in Hua Company or leave with me." After saying that coldly, Eric left along with Melissa.

Woody was comp

oment, with no definite idea about what she should do. His words were like a big load on her mind, which had given her great comfort. Therefore, she believed that Eric was telling the truth.

At that time, Woody and other people also rushed out. It was unclear whether Woody had thought it through or calmed down, her face was no longer angry and furious, but only calm. He said calmly to Eric, "I and my bodyguards will escort you out. The car is right outside, so it's convenient for you to leave."

It was rare for Eric to smile happily to Woody. He nodded and said, "Woody, I know you will be fine!"

Woody was still a little embarrassed. He lowered his head and didn't say anything. Then he asked the bodyguards to straighten things out. With two assistants escorting Eric and Melissa out of the hotel.

Melissa grabbed Eric's hand. The bodyguards opened the gate. Outside the gate, a crowd of people flooded in, surrounded by cameras and crazy crowds. Melissa and Eric were almost drowned. Melissa's heart was pounding with excitement and nervousness. She wondered what was waiting for her at this moment. Was it light? Or destructive moment? She didn't know if she was right to believe Eric and what would Colin do to them in the future?

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