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   Chapter 106 (Part One)

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Melissa felt like she was falling into a dream. Seeing the flashlights and the screams of all people, and the tight hug of Eric made her feel unreal. At least she couldn't feel the reality. She thought she probably came out of her dream. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so lucky to be praised by a superstar. He even said that she would be there where he was, and where there was him, she must be there. Wasn't it a scene that the little girl would dream of? How could it happen to her?

"I must be dreaming..." Melissa murmured. Then she closed her eyes hard and opened them again. She wanted to wake up, but the scene in front of her remained the same.

Eric rubbed her shoulder to draw her attention. Then he lowered his head and smiled at her, "you're not dreaming. I've thought about this when I called you earlier, so you didn't dream. It's true."

Startled, Melissa stepped back and broke free from his grip. Staring at Eric in a daze, she asked, "why?"

Eric gave her a smile and said flatly, "there's no reason. You deserve it. You'll understand my heart later."

The crowd started to shout loudly, "Eric! Eric! " They took pictures madly. Looking at Eric through the flashlights, Melissa found it difficult to accept the fact that she didn't believe.

Junia was a little frustrated to see this situation. Although following Colin was the envy of all the actresses, but Colin wouldn't try his best to support one person like Eric. At least, Eric dared to say it out loud, and in order to let Melissa play in the TV series to disguise himself, no investors could match Eric. Moreover, there was a star that Eric wanted supported. The star would be definitely popular! How could Melissa make Eric treated her like this? She even associated with

closed her eyes. She didn't think it necessary to explain anything to him, because he wouldn't believe it even if she tried to clear things up! So just let it be.

She just felt the mess today. There were too many things that made her unable to deal with. She was just a little star, and even said that she was an ordinary person. But why fate played such a big joke on her? She was about to be banned by Colin, and soon was raised by Eric. These two men were not easy to deal with. What should she do in the future?

Colin forced a smile, "do you know what will happen to you if you offend me?"

Eric raised his eyebrows and said confidently, "you won't bring me down, and I won't weakly quit the entertainment circle, because soon I will sign the second contract with an entertainment company in the US. That is to say, I will not only be a star in the continent, but also an international star in the near future. No matter how powerful your family is, it is impossible for you to banish me from the international circle, right? Mr. Colin? But if I want to take a junior fellow apprentice, it's a piece of cake for me to lead her to the international community!"

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