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   Chapter 102 (Part One)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 6574

Updated: 2020-03-26 00:22

Colin had said the hard words, and there was no going back, although Melissa was not trying to go back. She just wanted to escape from Colin. Now she finally got away from him, the result was not satisfactory.

Melissa wanted to break up with him peacefully, but he was too stubborn and complicated. He wouldn't let her wish come true. He even let her down so miserably when they broke up. Melissa didn't understand why Colin kept pestering her. They had only signed a five-year contract in the beginning, and they would leave each other five years later. Why did he want to renew the contract and keep pestering her? She had even shown such a deep dislike of him, and she had infuriated him over and over again. But Colin came to her again and again, messed up with her. If they broke up peacefully, both of them would be peace, right?

Colin told her that he didn't want to leave her, but he was deeply rooted in the face of Avril. Avril was the goddess in his heart, and nobody could be compared with her. Since he loved Avril so much, how could he be reluctant to leave her? It would be ridiculous if he was amorous. If he was, he wouldn't be so focused on a woman for so many years.

So Colin wasn't amorous at all. He was heartless. He didn't love her, but he was still unwilling to let her go. Or it was because of his strong possessiveness that he couldn't bear to see the woman who had followed him for so many years suddenly regain her freedom and leave, just to find the real happiness. When he was bad, he didn't treat her well, when he was good, he didn't treat her well either. He would only be happy to torture her for the rest of his life!

Well, she had finally offended him, and he had put down his harsh words. Was he happy that she had no where to go? Or he had to force her to death before he could give up completely!

All of a sudden, Melissa understood what had happened to Avril. That man was too stubborn and terrible. He could be so cr

for a while, she realized that he thought that she had something to do with the director. She just asked him if the director had said anything, but he misunderstood her just because of a few words. It seemed that these staff members were not ordinary sensitive or they were disgusted with such things?

But Melissa didn't argue with him. She walked to the stage to read the script while waiting for her turn. Because she thought it was not important role. Maybe it was because her qualifications were too weak that the staff did not pay attention to her. Or they did not change her acting clothes. Melissa didn't care about that as long as her acting skills were good, she could still act like a heroine. Besides, director Li was an experienced man, and he was good at judging people. She had nothing to worry about.

After a while, someone called her, "Melissa!"

Melissa had figured out the role in the script, so she answered and went on the stage. The stage was relatively large, and most importantly, it was high in terrain. She could see the film clearly at a glance and all the actors and actresses waiting around her and gazed at her. The thought made Melissa nervous. She hadn't been in an audition for a long time since she was banished from the entertainment industry. She felt a little rusty.

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