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   Chapter 101 (Part Two)

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Melissa stood up slowly and glanced at Junia. Then she had a completely new appraisal of Junia. Junia was really clever. After seeing Colin came to her, Junia didn't cry or angry, and Junia even took the initiative to let her and Colin alone to talk. Junia was such a clever woman. Would Colin be glad to hear that?

Hearing that, Colin glanced at Junia up and down, and said coldly, "you are a smart woman!"

Junia smiled gracefully and said, "it's my duty that I can help you solve the problems. After all, you have given me so many benefits, haven't you?" She cast a glance at Melissa and at once she showed her superior disdain and said, "what should Mr. Colin do with this disobedient woman? Did you really let her go again and again? I remember that Mr. Colin has already given her a lot of chances."

"It's none of your business. Stop inquiring about us!" Stated Colin coldly. Although he liked smart women, he didn't like those nosy women.

Crossing her arms, Junia walked slowly to Melissa and pinched Melissa's chin. "I'm not minding your business? But I think... Was she too stupid to do this? Mr. Colin, you came to see her out of kindness, but she still tried to push you away and even infuriated you! Junia smirked and added, "she said she fell in love with Eric. Mr. Colin, what are you going to do?"

All of a sudden, Melissa shook off Junia's hand and warned her, "Junia, don't push me too hard."

Melissa knew that what Junia said was trying to sow dissension among them. And Junia wanted to enrage Colin, then Colin would make her sentenced to death. What a vicious wo

y and put the second finger away. But she behaved so slowly as if she didn't take his threat seriously at all. Colin was disillusioned.

"Colin." Melissa suddenly said. "You can go now! No matter what means you use, I won't go back with you again. It's not easy for me to get rid of you, do you think I will go back with you again foolishly?" She was not afraid of dying and she even gave him a mocking smile.

Colin stared at her until his anger vanished, leaving only coldness in his eyes. Finally, he said, "you'll regret it. From now on, I won't tolerate you no matter whether you die or not, unless you kneel down and hold my legs to beg me to pity you! Just wait and see!" Then he strode away in a heartless way, and disappeared in the wind.

Though still holding her own arms, Junia was quite satisfied with that, and said sarcastically to Melissa, "what a stupid woman!" Then she proudly followed Colin left.

All of a sudden, Melissa felt that she ran out of strength. She slid along the wall and sat on the floor slowly, bursting into laughter.

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