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   Chapter 99

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Reluctantly, Colin handed Melissa's the phone.

Melissa took it over in a hurry. When she saw that the phone had been hung up, she bit her lower lip and angrily looked up at Colin, "Why did you hang up?"

Colin sneered, "You seem to have a good relationship with Eric these days without me!" Look, you are all so concerned about him! You had called him for a long time and the phone never stopped. "You don't tell me you have changed a new phone number, but tell him. You are familiar with him. What? How intimate?"

Melissa was totally annoyed by Colin's nonsense. She didn't know how to respond to his unreasonable words? She just talked a few words with Eric. It was normal. As for him, why did he snatch her phone? And he was angry at her, but she could not understand it. What was the matter with him even though she and Eric had a relationship? What was he angry about there? And he even hung up the phone! How rude he was! So Melissa said coldly, "You are so bored!" "Do I need to report to you?"

Hearing that, Colin glanced at Melissa for a while and nodded, as if he understood something. No wonder she hadn't spoken to him these days. She was so heartless to him. It turned out that she had already found another backer and she was already in love with Eric. Was that why she didn't care about his apology? Even that night when he went to her residence and waited for her in front of the gate, she was not moved. She threw away his necklace and said that she could live a wonderful life without him. She could find someone to rely on and fall in the arms of another man. It seemed that she had thrown herself into Eric's arms. She had done a good job falling in love with Eric in just a short period of time!

The more Colin thought about it, the angrier he became. Gnashing his teeth, he asked to Melissa, "What's going on between you and Eric?"

"Don't you find yourself strange today, Colin?" His constant queries finally enraged Melissa. She shouted at him, "You can be intimate with Junia. I just called Eric. So what?" And do my contract with you has expired? If I remember correctly that it has expired yesterday, which means that I have nothing to do with you from yesterday. From now on, we won't interfere with each other. I don't care what you and Junia or even any other women do, then why should I sorry for making a phone call to Eric? Even if I have a relationship with Eric, you have no right to interfere in my affairs. "Don't you think you are goi

l king's torture anymore, so she pushed him hard, which even invited more brutality from Colin……

At the same time, Melissa used all her strength to push him away. As she was so forced that she hit the wall and her back hurt. But she only glared at Melissa as she shouted, "Colin, do you become insane?"

Colin was crazy. Seeing her disheveled hair and swollen lips as well as he was about to kiss her, Melissa was so angry that she raised her hand and gave him a hard slap. It was so painful that Colin turned his head. At that time, he became somber.

In anger, Melissa used all her strength to slap him. As a result, Colin's face would be red as a result of the slap. He deserved it. He deserved it! Melissa said angrily, "I'm not your prey. You can't play such a brutal trick on me!" You are an animal! What are you doing? "Are you happy to bully me like this?"

Melissa couldn't help but burst into tears again. Touching her tears with one hand, she failed to hold back her sadness and anger. As a result, she couldn't help but cry again, "Colin, do you know why I hate you?" You only care about yourself, but never my feelings. You have given vent to all your anger on me, just like what you did just now. But have you ever thought about hurting me so much? "I'm not your prey. You can't punish me in this way!"

Hearing that, Colin stared at her coquettishly, as if he had already recovered from the previous cruelty. But when he saw the tears of Melissa, as well as her complaints against him, he sneered, "Didn't I tell you that you would suffer if you hit me again?" "Melissa, I, Colin, will never allow a woman to hit me again and again."

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