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   Chapter 97 (Part Two)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 5501

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"What do you think of her?" Junia asked in a light and disapproving tone.

Melissa held her breath and started to listen carefully.

After thinking for a while, director Li replied, "She looks good in the shape. She is tall and full with oval face and thick eyebrows. She should look very handsome after makeup." "But she has no experience on martial arts. I'm afraid she can't stand it."

After listening to Director Li's words, Melissa's hands clasped into fists nervously. It seemed that director Li didn't think highly of her. This was the first big shot she got from Zack. If she missed it, it would be a pity. After all, it was not easy to find the female supporting role. Moreover, she had the chance to cooperate with so many famous actors.

Suddenly, Junia gave an arrogant smile and said casually, "It seems that director Li doesn't like her very much. Do you want me to tell you something?" "This new actress has offended me in the company. If I cooperate with her, I'm afraid that it will be difficult for me to control my own emotions. If my shoot can't make me happy, does director Li think I can act well?"

Hearing that, director Li was stunned for a while. "Oh," he said and then muttered, "I see."

Junia continued to say, "Or why didn't director Li ask Mr. Colin about it?" "He is an investor. Director Li, you can ask him if he likes the newcomer."

Standing outside the room, Melissa listened to what the director said. She thought that Junia was really insidious. She told the director that she didn't like her and asked him to hesitate to hire her. What's more, she also mentioned Colin. If Colin had said someth

ople and these people could only be her foil wherever they went! Asking Zack to please her carefully and make those directors ask her to take their plays, so that no arrogant stars dared to compete with her!

Suddenly, Melissa made a drop of water fall on the mirror opposite to her, which blurred her vision. After that, she turned off the water, walked over to the drying machine and dried up her hands. Then she walked out of the bathroom.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw a man. Startled, she stepped back. After taking a good look at him, she asked in surprise and doubt, "Colin?"

Colin turned around and looked at her with a playful smile on his face. "Well, are you surprised to see me?"

Melissa was still in shock. She didn't know why he had come to the entrance of the ladies' room and blocked her way, or that he had come just in time. But how did he know she was there after she had been in the ladies' room for so long?

But no matter what had happened, she still blamed him for what he had done with Junia. So Melissa replied in a cold voice, "What's the matter?"

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