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   Chapter 96 (Part One)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 5764

Updated: 2020-03-25 00:18

Junia had an appointment with director Li, so when the staff brought her here, she pushed the door open and saw what was going on inside the room. She saw that Melissa stood angrily, staring at Colin. Lying on the sofa, languidly, Colin looked as handsome as ever, which made all the male stars jealous. As for director Li, he wore a forced smile, with his head lowered.

It was weird. But as for Junia, she was not surprised at all, for she knew that their relationship between Colin and Melissa. She asked them with a forced smile, "What are you talking about?" "Why are you laughing so happily?"

Director Li looked up and said, "Hello, Junia. Come on in." His attitude was much more affectionate than that towards Melissa. Obviously, director Li was quite familiar with Junia. But it was normal that people would pretend to be familiar with a high-ranking female star like Junia. Even if the director had not known of her, he would better pretend to be familiar with her.

Junia smiled and walked in, deliberately passing by Melissa. Because the road was narrow, Melissa was pushed by her carelessly and made her stagger backward. Unaware of that, Junia walked up to him and sat beside Colin. Then she moved close to him and lovingly asked, "Mr. Colin, what brings you here today?"

And Colin handed a grape to Junia. So she continued to eat. At the same time, she also gazed at him, making a very sexy figure.

Colin just smiled, picking up a grape and eating it as well. He asked, "How's your martial arts class today?" "Are you tired?"

"Oh, don't mention it. I'm exhausted. Why are the martial arts masters you hired so strict?" "I just have no chance to relax." Junia complained that like a spoiled child.

and try it on. I'll go out to watch it later."

Hearing that director Li agreed, Melissa nodded and left the room. But when she turned her back on them, she was unable to hide her disappointment. She lowered her head and silently walked out. As expected, Colin's behaviors were directed against her, and he even got involved with Junia, which was a heavy blow to Melissa.

She forced herself not to think too much. She raised her head and walked out of the lounge, then closed the door lightly. But just when Melissa was about to leave, she heard them talking in the room. Junia asked, "Director Li, why does the star in charge by Zack come here?" "What role do you want to give her?"

Melissa knew that Junia was talking about her and her tone was full of disdain. So she didn't close the door tightly and stood outside the door to listen in silence.

Director Li replied, "Yeah, there is a chivalrous female role in this play. Originally, I thought Anna's character was very suitable and I was about to give it to her. But Zack said that Anna's schedule couldn't come on time, so he recommended another actress to me. I will give her a try."

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