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   Chapter 95 (Part Two)

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Hearing Colin's laughter, director Li asked, "Mr. Colin, what's your opinion?"

Colin said calmly, "I'm an investor. It's up to you to decide the actress." "But I wonder what role Miss Shen has chosen." He then raised his eyebrows and looked at Melissa.

Director Li chuckled and said, "Miss Shen, come to audition and play the role of swordswoman. You play the supporting role in the play and usually wear men's clothes. And she lacks of caution."

"Okay……" Colin nodded his head and added in a forced smile, "But I don't think a beautiful and innocent lady like Miss Shen can handle the role."

"Mr. Colin, what do you mean?" Director Li couldn't help but try to figure out the motivation behind Colin's words. Did he dislike this actress?

Hearing Colin's words, Melissa was nervous. It sounded like it was not going to work. He was the biggest investor now and what he said certainly played an important role in this play. If he didn't like her, then director Li would replace her immediately.

At the same time, Melissa felt both sad and angry. She was angry that Colin didn't let her go and that he was really going to make her suffer? In private, Melissa would yell at him and argue with him. But now, she couldn't show anger to Colin in front of the director, so she had to put on a forced smile and explained, "Mr. Colin, you misunderstood me. Actors need to focus on their acting skills, not your appearance. You have to work hard on acting. If you judge one person only by looking at the person's appearance, there wouldn't be so many actors with great strength in the country." "Though I don't look so beautiful now, but sometimes my personality is much like that of a boy. I think if I can d

ont of director Li.

As for Colin, he asked with a forced smile, "Miss Shen, why don't you eat?"

Director Li, who sat opposite them, suddenly smiled, very ambiguous and meaningful, as if figuring out something. Perhaps, director Li thought that Colin had fallen in love with the new actress again.

The smile on director Li's face brought Melissa back her mind. After taking a glance at herself, she found that Colin almost wrapped his arm around her shoulder and she was so close to him that he could touch her face as long as he lowered his head. Obviously, it was the action of playboys to molest girls. For an instant, she felt that she had been tricked. So she was angry and humiliated. She stood up from the sofa and gazed at Colin coldly.

As Colin saw her get up, a bigger and more distinct smile crept onto his face and there was also a cynical look on his face, as if he was telling her that he had flirted with her. Director Li was so embarrassed that he lowered his head to hold back his laughter.

Feeling being fooled, Melissa was about to explode. However, the door of the lounge was pushed open and Junia came in.

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