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   Chapter 94 (Part One)

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Melissa kept frozen with her eyes almost popping out of surprise. Because she had heard director Li's words that he said Mr. Colin was here. Did Colin come here? Was Colin in? She didn't know what to do at that moment. If Colin was here, how would she face him after she walked in? What was the relationship between Colin and director Li?

Just when Melissa was hoping that she misheard, the God didn't take pity on her. Instead, she heard that Colin spoke seriously, "Director Li, you're welcome. Our company cooperated with you in a TV series last time and it was really a big deal. You rarely filmed a large-scale swordsmanship this time, so we should support you. I hope our cooperation can succeed here!" "We can lead a win-win cooperation. Ha-ha!" She clearly heard Colin's sexy and pleasant voice. It seemed that he was in a good mood today.

Director Li, of course, kept laughing. It was rare to meet such a wealthy man today and Colin was well-known for his generosity. With his investment, was he still afraid that his crew would lack funds? Then director Li asked Colin, "Mr. Colin, what's your request for the investment on my movies?" "Which star do you want to be paid attention?"

It was a common case for the entertainment circle's investors to let their actors or actresses work for them. In particular, Colin, such a wealthy man, would have to support one or two artists each time he invested in a movie. Director Li was accustomed to it, so he took the initiative to ask him about that. Although director Li had a name in his mind, he would agree if Colin wanted to change another leading actor. Because everyone had to bow before money, not to mention the "Prince of the underworld". Who dared to offend him?

Colin slightly smiled and said, "Yes, there is a candidate who will take part in a movie invested by our company. We have to help her win the audience's attent

t tell people that you graduated from the Acting Department of Harvey Film and Television School at your interview in the future, because it may make people think that you don't have any qualifications. You can only take advantage of your school. "Experienced people don't even talk about school, because they have starred in some big film. Besides, in this circle, we don't care if you graduated from a film academy. What we value more is your acting skill and qualifications."

Melissa didn't know whether director Li was laughing at her or he was just giving her advice. It sounded uncomfortable and it seemed that he didn't accept her. But it was understandable for him to think about that. She was not an experienced actress. Director Li was a great director and he had seen a lot of stars. It was understandable for him to dislike her. So she lowered her head and said sincerely, "Director, I really don't have any experience, but my acting skills are guaranteed. Anyway, you give me a chance first in an effort to let me try on my acting. At that time, can't you see it?"

Hearing that, Colin chuckled. Melissa had a look at him. He was playing with the shining platinum diamond ring in his hand. The laughter seemed to laugh at her, but it was not.

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