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   Chapter 93 (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-24 00:12

When Melissa heard Junia's soft voice drifted to her ears, Melissa felt that her body was trembling. For some inexplicable reason, Melissa was nervous, or perhaps because Junia's voice was so cold that she was nervous and she looked up at Junia.

Junia squinted at her from above and said indifferently, "don't think nobody in the world knows your relationship with Colin. I have more connections than the entertainment group limited. If you offend Colin, you will be dead! I did not want to take revenge on you so that the company will look down upon me, but... I don't mind borrowing a knife to kill someone... "

After finishing her words, Junia gave a creepy smile and left with her assistant arrogantly. The sound of her delicate high heels hitting the ground echoed in the corridor, making Melissa's heart beat nervously.

Melissa could not image that Junia had many mean methods. What a vicious woman Junia was? No wonder Junia was a smart woman. But she was also a vengeful woman. Junia didn't want to let Melissa go, but Junia wasn't as stupid as Anna. Did Junia want to make use of Colin to "kill" her? If Junia was with Colin, Melissa couldn't image what would happen to her. Colin would not spare Melissa!

Hearing that, Melissa closed her eyes deeply. She suddenly felt that she was a bit stupid today. How could she offend Junia? It was not worth offending Junia for several contracts. It seemed that Melissa thought too little of Junia. She had thought that Junia was just an actress who was good at sleeping with others and pretending to be innocent, but she didn't expect tha

be weak and looked casual. Then she went out at noon and met the director at the place for audition.

They met in a film and television company run by the director, and many actors, women, men, elders, even many famous stars were waiting for an audition in the designated studio, accompanied by their assistants. The crew was busy. It could be seen that this martial arts film was quite big. At the same time, the director should pay much attention, so he invited so many actors and actresses to audition.

A staff took Melissa to the lounge to meet the director after she told the staff her name. He told her that the director was sleeping and wasn't free to meet her. They walked through the studio and a long corridor before they reached the rest area. But before they entered the gate, Melissa heard someone's loud laughter from inside.

A sonorous middle-aged man's voice rang out, "I didn't expect Mr. Colin to be so interested in our movie. I can't believe that you have the intention to invest. If you are willing to invest, I will be very honored!"

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