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   Chapter 92 (Part One)

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"You..." Junia didn't know what to say as if she was choked. She never expected that someone in the company would refute her. In this company, she was quite an important person and everyone always fawned on her. And the starlet stars humbled themselves to beg for her help. She didn't expect that she met a little star who was so unreasonable that the little star dared to argue with her.

Junia then looked at Melissa from head to toe with even more playful expression in her eyes. She raised one of her eyebrows and said arrogantly, "do you know you have offended me today? If anyone dares to offend me, he'll come to no good end!"

Melissa wanted to laugh so much suddenly that she couldn't help but do it. Did Junia think that Melissa was afraid of offending her? To be honest, Melissa had never paid attention to these young stars since she offended Colin. She even committed Marcia, a popular actress in mainland, who was also known as a rising star. She had already offended Sophia and was not afraid of people like Junia. Colin couldn't do anything to her. Now she was so bold that she didn't fear anyone.

So Melissa raised her eyebrows and looked at Junia in the same way. "Eric wanted to sign the contract with me in the first place, but I didn't want to cooperate with him. So I gave the contract to my senior sister Anna. I don't know why I offended Miss Junia."

With her head held high, Junia looked at Melissa and said, "as far as I know, you and Anna often have trouble with each other. And just this morning when you came to the company, you just had a fight with her. Why are you still helping her?"

Melissa with a faint smile and said. "That's my business. I don't think it'

ed at Melissa more coldly, as if she had never found such a smart female star who could speak.

Melissa looked at Junia too. She knew that Junia was judging the situation after Junia calmed down. Sure enough, Junia was much smarter than Anna. At least, Junia could think about it. Anna was totally act on impulse. Anna would take revenge on anyone who she hated, regardless of the consequences of the occasion.

Seeing that Junia had calmed down, Melissa pushed her assistant away and walked out. Seeing that Junia didn't say anything, the assistant didn't dare to stop Melissa anymore.

But just when Melissa was about to leave, Junia suddenly said, "you're very smart! No wonder Anna is no match for you! But sometimes you are very self-satisfied!"

Hearing this, Melissa couldn't help but stop, but she didn't turn around. She just stood at the door of the bathroom and listened to Junia silently.

Junia walked out slowly with her hands folded before her chest. "You said I should be open mind if I didn't want to offend the people in high position, but how do you know I don't have other ways to deal with you? Huh? "

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