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   Chapter 91

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Eric said, "I respect your decision. Since you don't want to sign the contract, I won't force you." There was a touch of coldness in his tone. It seemed that he had been heart broken. Then he walked away to Zack and others, leaving Melissa behind.

Hearing Eric's words, Melissa understood what he was thinking. He might be interested in her. But she hurt him eventually and hurt his self-esteem. But it's good for him to shrink back from difficulties, and there was peaceful in the future. Melissa didn't want to get Eric involved, for she had already offended Colin alone, and she didn't want Eric to get into trouble because of her. So she thought it would be nice to let Eric leave the she hurt his feelings. Eric was so kind to her. She didn't want his career to be ruined because of her.

When Eric walked in front of the crowd, he glanced at them and only gave them a slight smile. He had already suppressed the hard pressure on him in front of Melissa. Then he said to Zack indifferently, "I'm here to sign a contract with your artist, don't you invite us to our office first and then talk to us?"

Hearing Eric's words, Zack was stunned for a while and then smiled. He felt that there was a chance for them again. So he was very happy in his heart. He immediately smiled and said, "of course, of course. I'm ready for everything. It's waiting for superstar Eric to enter my office. Come here, please!"

When Eric was about to leave with Zack, Woody lowered his head. Although Woody was angry, he could do nothing about it. However, Junia was not resigned to the result. She yelled, "Eric! Are you leaving me behind, Eric?"

Eric and others looked back at her. Anna curled her lips in disdain.

Junia walked towards Eric with a hurt and aggrieved look on her face. She looked at him with pitiful eyes and said, "you promised me that you would come to sign the contract with me, but why did you change to Zack's artist?"

"I've never said that I want to sign a contract with you, but I'm afraid that you've misunderstood. Maybe you've heard the rumors from the company's top, but since the company set up a studio for me earlier, I signed the contract on my own. The company will not interfere with my decision. I don't know where Miss Junia had heard that I wanted to sign the contract with you."

Eric had his own studio two years ago, which was equivalent to a small entertainment company. There were a lot of staff including clothes, makeup artists, designers, cameramen, and even the scriptwriter. However, the studio only served for one person, and everyone worked for Eric. The fact that he had a studio meant that he was the boss of his kingdom. Everything was tailored for him.

In the entertainment circle, only a very large-scale star or a top-level star who was highly valued by a company could have a studio. Even though Eric had signed a contract with a big company, there was still his own studio, and the company had to support his work unconditionally. It could be seen that the company attached great importance to Eric. So most of the film decisions, advertising endorsement and other contracts were decided by Eric and Woody, his agent. The company rarely interfer

lass, she found that her makeup was a little messy. The foundation and BB cream could not cover the red on her left face. So she rushed back to the bathroom and wanted to fix her makeup. She didn't want the director to see her bad manner.

When Melissa was fixing her make-up in the bathroom, she didn't expect that Junia would suddenly come in, followed by her assistant. Junia seemed unhappy and indignant, probably still sad about what happened just now.

Melissa was stunned. She looked at Junia, a little embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

However, after casting a cold glance at her, Junia picked up her dress and went to the washroom. Her assistant took her bag and waited outside.

'What a bad luck! It's so embarrassing to use the same toilet with her. I'd better leave now, ' Melissa thought. Melissa packed up her things and put them back into her bag. Then she was about to leave in a hurry.

However, at this time, Junia turned back and coldly said to Melissa, "stop! Did I permit you to leave?"

Almost at the same time, Junia's assistant rushed to the gate with conditioned reflex and blocked Melissa's way.

Hearing that, Melissa realized that it was not easy for her to leave today. She just stood there calmly, looked back at Junia while clenching her handbag in both hands. "What can I do for you, Miss Junia?" Melissa asked.

All of a sudden, an ironic smile appeared on Junia's delicate face, which didn't match her appearance and manner at all. She walked towards Melissa, folded her arms in front of her chest, looked at Melissa arrogantly and said, "don't you think you should give me an explanation?"

Not to be outdone, Melissa looked at her coldly, "why should I explain it to you?" Meanwhile, Melissa got a little annoyed. 'Are these people being praised and have bad temper?' Thought Melissa. For example, Junia was considered herself to be the queen when she was flattered by many people. She always behaved like a queen when she talked to others. Of course, Melissa would not accommodate herself to such people, accommodate to them would only make them more arrogant, such as Anna

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