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   Chapter 89

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Everyone was stunned, especially Woody. He was so shocked that he turned around. With his eyes wide open, he looked towards the man who was running to him. Seeing that the man was Eric's assistant, he questioned loudly, "is Eric here? Wasn't he on the stage? Why is he here?"

The assistant looked very innocent. He said with his eyes wide open, "today's program was shot early, so it was completed in advance. Eric came here as soon as he finished the program." The assistant said, shrugging his shoulders. He was also very helpless, very at a loss.

"Oh no," Zack whispered. Then he looked at Melissa with indignation. Although Melissa and Anna were both his artists, but he was afraid of offending Melissa. Besides, Melissa had promised him that she would use this contract in exchange for the resources for three movies. But if Eric had shown up in the party, there was a high possibility that his plan would fall through. If Anna couldn't win the contract, then he was sniched by Melissa in vain. That really made him depressed.

While Melissa was staring blankly at the gate, waiting for Eric show up. She didn't expect Eric to appear. She had just calculated the situation positively. She knew that Eric's show up was more beneficial to her, but she was worried that the Woody would turn to other artists instead of signing the contract with Anna at that time. However, after the appearance of Woody, Zack performed very well and didn't give Woody any chance to transfer to other artists. So she completely let it go and felt that her worry was unnecessary. However, she didn't expect Eric to come and rush to them. The sudden change became the biggest trouble for them. She didn't know how to deal with Eric then.

Noticing that Zack cast a burning glance at her, Melissa looked back at him and frowned showed that she didn't expect that and she didn't know what to do.

Eric was already here. He wore dashing sunglasses and eye-catching stylish hairstyle, a little exaggerated, and some cosmetics like foundation on his face. It could be seen that he came out before he had time to wash up as he had just recorded the show.

Eric hurried into the company, and met a bunch of people who were staring at him.

Eric glanced at them through his sunglasses and said with a faint smile, "well, you've all come today, even Miss Melissa was here. I wonder what Woody did here behind my back."

Woody reacted quickly. He put on a smile and tapped his orchid fingers, showing his girlish nature. He said with a smile, "you're good at joking, Eric. How can I come without you? Didn't you say that you would come here to sign the contract today! I saw you were busy, so I came with my lawyers! "

Eric just gave a light mocking laugh, because his eyes were covered by sunglasses, so no one could see his expression. They only felt that his face was a little cold and hard. With his handsome face, it was as sharp as a sculpture.

At that time, several men of Junia arrived there. Wearing a white

ent, the usual cunning man even couldn't think of exactly the right words to say.

Eric tried to help Woody out. However, he soon said, "I might disappoint everyone. My plan is just to sign the contract with Miss Melissa. I'm sorry that so many people have been bothered by my plan and I have to apologize to you. I come to your company today only to cooperate with Miss Melissa, the star belong to Zack!"

Eric said in a firm tone. He firmly looked at Melissa behind the crowd who lowered her head and said nothing. At the same time, it caused a sensation in the crowd. Junia and her agent were so shocked that they sreamed at once. Anna was very indignant about the result. She held Zack's hand and complained, "Zack, look at them!"

Junia said angrily, "who is Melissa? Where is she?"

When they saw the queen getting angry, they all turned to look at Melissa who was hiding behind the crowd. Junia got acquainted with Melissa. She pointed at her confidant and snapped, "her? Does she really want to endorse an international brand commercial with Eric?

Eric didn't like Junia. He sneered, "you are right! She is the one who can endorse an international brand advertisement with me!"

All of a sudden, Junia was so angry that she wanted to scratch her hair. How could she bear that an unknown female star had completely taken her thunder. She was about to get mad, so her agent had to comfort her constantly and blame Woody, "Woody, what's the matter with you?"

Anna curled her lips defiantly. She glanced sideways at Melissa with a smug satisfaction. It would be better for Melissa to offend the overbearing Junia. Melissa would have trouble to live with in the future!

Melissa couldn't bear to see all of them like this anymore. All of them would hate her and make trouble for her. She didn't want to be the target of conflict, so she walked to Eric and pulled his hand and said, "I need to talk with you alone. Talk to me in a quiet place." Then she grabbed Eric's hand and walked away.

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