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   Chapter 88

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Seeing that Melissa kept silent, Zack continued, "are you listening? Come here as soon as possible. By the way, Anna will be here soon. So be patient when you meet her. You know her temper. She is an idiot. Why do you have to quarrel with her? So you'd better be kind to her later and don't make a scene. It's so embarrassed! "

Hearing this, Melissa sneered. Zack always asked her to give in to Anna for the sake of Anna. But Melissa didn't want to take it. Because now Anna and Zack was asking her for help. She was a superior person now, Anna should respect her that she would not have made a concession to Anna. So this time, Melissa didn't want to listen to Zack. If she kept being weak, other people might even think that she was a pushover and would bully her in the future! People said that if you were strong, you wouldn't be bullied, and if you were weak, you deserved to be bullied. Therefore, Melissa didn't want to be a weak person.

So she smiled faintly and said in a mocking and somewhat lofty tone, "Zack, you'd better keep Anna quiet, or I am not willing to keep her company in this deal. Why didn't you tell Anna not to fight with me? Don't you think that Anna should be polite now? "

After finishing her words, Melissa quickly hung up the phone. She ignored Zack who was shouting, "Hello!" But she knew that after she made her attitude clear just now, Zack would definitely ask Anna to restrain herself. A faint smile curled the corners of her mouth. Melissa fixed her hair and headed to his office.

She speculated that the contract signing process should be handled by the agent. Besides, Eric was usually busy with work and had many publicity projects to attend. Thus, it was impossible for Eric to sign the contract with her company in person. But she was involved in this matter. Judging from the situation in the hospital last time, Eric intentionally concealed the fact that he was with her from Woody. Presumably, she had guessed that Woody hated her, so this time Eric should be worried about Woody signing the contract alone. Perhaps he would come here with Woody.

Melissa thought it would be better if only Woody came alone. After all, Woody hated her so much and hated her being involved with Eric. He should have promised to make Anna sign the contract with the company very soon, but there might be some other accidents, such as Woody had another plan. He not only didn't want her to sign the contract, but also didn't want to cooperate with Anna. Instead, he wanted to secretly work with another more important person in the company. In this case, Zack and her wishful thinking would be destroyed. It would be really troublesome to win the contract.

The other possible way was that if Eric did come with Woody, it could definitely make sure that the contract was signed by Zack. But on the other hand, the star might not be Anna. Eric wanted to sign the contract with her, but she wanted to return it to Anna. She really didn't know how to reject Eric. It would be troublesome for her.

Melissa compared these two situations. She still hoped that Eric would come, because the target about Eric was not too much. He wouldn't let Woody have a bad idea and wanted to

ead, she asked Zack to make a move first. Zack said, "Yap! The broker, Mr. Woody is here. Welcome to our company! I've been admiring you for a long time! "

Woody had just entered the company's first floor when he saw Zack and other employees were walking out of the office. Moreover, Zack was so shameless that he grasped his hand directly. Seeing such scene, Woody frowned.

"Mr. Woody, you come here to sign the contract with my artist, right?" Zack seized the discourse initiative and pleased Woody.

It was not until then that Melissa found that Zack was really good at speaking. He didn't even mention her name, but just said about his artists. In this way, Woody wouldn't be disgusted because he didn't hear her name. What's more, Zack said directly that Woody was here to sign his artist, which made Woody didn't have the chance to retort anymore.

As expected, Woody hesitated and said, "in fact, this matter is..."

Zack said again, "Let's talk in the office first. Then we can have a chat there. We can take our time to chat slowly. I've been looking up to you for a long time. You're really a great manager. Don't you want to talk to us and take care of us, who are just ordinary people? Won't you be happy to let us learn something from you? Woody? Haha! "

After hearing Zack said that, Melissa who was behind Zack couldn't help but laugh. Moreover, he had invited Woody to his office at the beginning of his talk. Once Woody went there, Woody probably couldn't get out of his office. For sure, Woody would be seized tightly by Zack until Woody signed the contract with him. It was totally impossible for Woody to go to find Junia!

It seemed that there was no need for Melissa to go personally. All of a sudden, Melissa felt that it was totally unnecessary for her to be worried. She didn't need show up, according to Zack's speech skills, and how much Woody hated her, the contract was definitely belong to Anna.

Melissa breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a man rushed into the room and screamed in a panic. No one knew who the man was. Only here the man shouted, "Eric is here! Eric is here! He is coming!"

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