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   Chapter 81

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After struggling for a while, Melissa lowered her head and bit Colin, finally forcing him to let go of her. Then Melissa yelled at him, "Colin, have you enough?" Don't you think you are ridiculous now? I don't care how you feel about me now. Whether you feel sorry for me, or you just have a strong possessiveness towards me. You have no right to interfere with me! Why do I have to have your permission to be with others? "Why do you forbid me to be with other men?"

"Melissa!" Colin shouted angrily.

But Melissa quickly interrupted him, "Didn't I make myself clear?" I hate you, I hate you. And I swear I will never go back with you for the rest of my life. I will not come back to you even if you force me to death or in terrible situation. Don't you think it's too disgraceful to insist on this? Shouldn't the noble Mr. Colin be waiting for others to serve him? Why do you act so intimate in front of a woman who don't like you? Do you want her to go with you? "Don't you feel ashamed?"

Melissa knew it was impossible to reason with him, so she satirized him from time to time. Only when she attacked his weakness with self-esteem could he leave shamefully. "Didn't you say that you didn't love me?" Didn't you say that I was a bitch? Then why are you so stubborn? Don't you think that entanglement with a bitch will make your behavior more cheap? What's more, I won't go back with you! "I have made myself clear to you. What are you still bothering with?"

Colin looked at her coldly, as if he didn't expect that she would refuse.

Melissa made up her mind. Seeing his insidious eyes, she knew that he had been provoked by her, so she continued, "Or do you think I'm not determined enough on your performance?" "Fine. I'll tell you the truth today. This is a gift from you!" She pulled off the necklace from her neck and said to Colin, "It's a family heirloom. You said that you was going to give it to Avril. But you didn't have the time to give it to her because Avril died. And you told me that you would give it to someone who you valued, because it was difficult to give it to the person who you didn't value. So you gave it to me." I was so stupid at that time. I thought that you treated me differently. Later I found out that it was Avril who left the remained thing! Now I give it back to you! I don't care what you think of me. I, known as Melissa, don't want to have it. You can give whoever you want. Have I made myself clear? "Anyway, even if I died, I won't have anything to do with you!" As Melissa spoke, she threw the necklace fiercely to the feet of Colin.

Colin looked down at the necklace on his feet. A year ago, he gave it to her. At that time, Melissa wanted to run away, but he somehow gave her the necklace to make her feel at ease. She knew he had a crush on her and she accepted it with great care. Just now, she had returne

ror. She was quite satisfied with her face in the mirror. She didn't dare to say how gorgeous she was, but she could definitely she was beautiful. After all, that face was the key to the celebrities' life. If she looked ugly, no one would ask her to act in the movie. Most importantly, many people said that she could been remembered by the public. There were many beautiful women in the entertainment circle. It was possible to be a beauty even if a makeup artist or an assistant was pulled out. However, why was so few women popular? Many beauties had no personality, or even no characteristics. They were all the same. No one could remember them at a glance. So in this circle, you had to have some strong points, people will easily remember you and you could become famous.

In Melissa's eyes, her characteristic was her eyes. But her nose was not high enough to make her look small and delicate, which would even limit her way of acting. No wonder that many directors and advertising endorsement came to look for her in some innocent or weak characters. If she really needed to get used to the show business, she had to learn to be flexible. Then everything she needed to do would be possible.

As he looked at the pictures, he thought of violet. Both of them had a tiny nose. Melissa thought what would happen if her nose was cut off?

At the thought of this, she suddenly sneered. If she really wanted to be famous, she didn't mind taking revenge on her own face. Moreover, if she smashed the things that she took advantage of Avril, would Colin be sad? The thought cheered her up and she went to bed.

The next day, Melissa got up early, got dressed and went to the company. In the past five years, she hadn't taken the initiative to ask for Zack's help. But now it was time for her to take the initiative. If she didn't take the initiative, she might never have a chance to fight for her honor.

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