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   Chapter 76 (Part One)

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At the thought of this, Melissa lifted the quilt and got out of bed. When she saw that her left hand still had infusion tube, she felt helpless. Finally, she pulled them out. Then enduring the pain of the foot injury, she slowly walked out of the ward and opened the door. She saw Eric and his assistant standing in the corner of the hallway. Eric was listening to someone with a dark face.

Perhaps it was because Woody scolded him too harshly that Eric didn't look well all the time. And he even didn't say a word for a long time. Standing at the door, Melissa looked at them in silence.

The assistant gestured at Eric to greet him when she saw Melissa. When Eric looked over, he was surprised to see that Melissa was standing at the door. Then he was even more absent-minded about the phone call of Woody. He perfunctorily answered the phone and forcefully turned it off. He put the phone into the little assistant's hand and said, "Turn off the phone immediately. Don't answer his phone without my order!"

Then he walked to Melissa, ignoring the assistant's reluctance. Eric didn't seem to be in a good mood. After seeing that Melissa dropped the infusion tube, he asked with a frown, "Why did you come out?"

Melissa said, "I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you. Your agent should be on his way here, so I think I'd better leave."

Eric pressed her shoulder and said, "Don't be silly. You are sick now. How can I leave now?" "And Woody doesn't know where I am. Don't worry. He won't disturb you!"

Melissa shook her head and said, "But you can't do that. You're an artist and you have to follow the company's orders. You've already made a lot of trouble because of me these days. Don't offend your manager or your agent, or they can make you infamous again. In this case, I will feel very sorry for you!"

Hearing her words, Eric frowned, unwilling to let go of her shoulder. The assistant was probably frightened to Woody at this time. She came up to say, "Yes, Eric, Woody was really angry this time. You really should not provoke him again!"

Upon hearing this, Eric glared at her and snapped, "What are you t

"Miss Shen, where are you going?"

Seeing that she could not escape, Melissa said to the assistant, "I'm leaving here. I can't let

Eric know!"

The assistant was stunned and asked, "Isn't Miss Shen still ill?" "And how can we explain if Eric knows?"

The nurse also said seriously, "The patient is still sick and can't be discharged. Otherwise, we can't take responsibility if anything happens!"

Melissa said in honest, "I know that I have brought a lot of troubles to you these days, not only affected Eric, but also affected your backup group. I'm really sorry, so I must leave for the sake of not affecting you. If you're doing this for both your own sake and for the sake of Eric, please let me go and don't tell him!"

Then Melissa nodded to the assistant and ran away as fast as she could when she finished her words.

The nurse didn't agree and shouted, "Where are you going?"

But the nurse was stopped by the assistant soon. She might have been persuaded by what Melissa had said. She couldn't let Eric have a bad acting future and make Woody and she lose their job because of her, so it was a good thing that Melissa had left. Therefore, she stopped the nurse.

Since Melissa couldn't get far since she had a foot injury, she didn't leave at once, but went to the bathroom to hide. As she had expected, she heard noises coming from this floor soon. Eric shouted her name and ran to the elevator.

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