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   Chapter 73

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 10443

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In a tea room with smoke curling, a few young girls dressed in red cheongsam were kneeling at the table to make tea and making tea. Their white hands looked elegant in posture. They made tea according to their action standard. They were as elegant and professional as the official ladies from ancient times.

Fannie was sitting on a wooden chair to take a rest. Someone was massaging her legs. Every day when she felt tired, she would like to come to this place to have a rest. She liked the Chinese style, especially tea. She used to drink coffee to refresh herself when she was young, but now she only liked tea when she was a little older. Therefore, she was quite familiar with the Tin Teahouse.

She was in her fifties, but her skin was as smooth like a lady in her early forties. She had always been a coquettish girl in her youth, but now she was well preserved with appropriately exquisite make-up and high-end clothes. So she looked like a queen, completely different from her previous coquettish style that was looked down upon by others.

No one in the entertainment circle dared to defy her. Her husband, Gilbert, was ninety years old and paralyzed with old age. He could only lie on the bed, waiting for his death. He could do nothing with anything and the business of the Ling family had fallen into her hands completely. The ex-wives and other children of Gilbert, who were not able to deal with her, could be controlled by her, as if she could easily deal with an ant.

After hearing Candy's report, Fannie raised her hand gracefully. The big diamond and emerald bracelet on her hand glittered in the light, which immediately attracted Candy's attention. Candy stopped talking and just looked at Fannie, who closed her eyes meditatively.

Fannie waved her hand and asked the waiter to leave. Then she sat up slowly and said, "I got it. You mean that the woman began to break up with Colin, right?"

Candy nodded and said, "Yes. That woman ran out after Mr. Colin scolded her that night. She looked very sad and Mr. Colin was very angry, so he didn't chase her out. Therefore, I guess they will not have any relationship in the future, right?"

Fannie took the small tea cup the waitress served, smelt the fragrant taste of the tea, and then slowly drank the tea, saying, "Well done."

Hearing that, Candy smiled fawningly and said, "It's all because of you. You are so brilliant. First, you gave words to Melissa's parents to irritate them. Then, you parted Colin and Melissa by taking advantage of Melissa's parents. Finally, you provoked Mr. Colin with the belongings of Avril and Mr. Colin said harsh words to Melissa. So, both of them finally hated each other." "From now on, they will be strangers."

Fannie put down the tea cup gracefully and sneered, "You are too naive. If you let it go, Colin won't be my son!"

"What do you mean, madam?" Candy said with puzzlement.

Then, Fannie took the second cup of tea to taste slowly. She said, "Since you have said that Mr. Colin's attitude towards that woman is different and that woman also was kept staying with Colin for five years as well a

you in such a mess? When I found you yesterday, I saw you leaning in an empty corner, unconscious, embarrassing, with no shoes and your feet are bleeding. What's wrong with you? Why did they come to the suburb? "What happened?"

His words saddened Melissa again. Tears came down from her eyes and dropped on the pillow. She couldn't help but sob and she was really sad.

Eric grabbed her hand tightly and asked coldly with a frown, "Is it related to Colin? Or your parents……" You kept calling their names when you had nightmares last night. What did they do to you? "And especially Colin? What did he do to you?"

Speaking of Colin, Eric was still angry. That night in a five-star hotel, he had a quarrel with Colin. He never found that there was such a bad man in the world. And that man was so mean to a woman. It seemed that he had tortured Melissa for many years. Otherwise, how could she become like this as she was such a good star and an innocent woman? But he didn't expect that Melissa and Colin had a hidden relationship. They were from two different worlds. Melissa was an innocent woman. Why would Melissa be with Colin later?

Melissa cried for a while and she held back her tears with saying, "It's all over now. I won't get involved in Colin from now on." "And I don't want to talk about him either."

Seeing that she didn't want to talk about it, Eric thought that she might have been hurt by those things. Although he was very worried, it was not appropriate to reveal her wound since she didn't want to. So he lowered his head and stopped asking. After a while, he asked with concern, "What are you going to do in the future?"

Melissa stared blankly at the ceiling, thought for a while, and then gritted her teeth and said, "I want to show them that I'm successful. Although I've left the entertainment circle for a long time, it doesn't mean that I'll be down in the world for the rest of my life." "I will stand from where I stepped down. I don't want to be bullied by those who bully me one more time! I, known as Melissa, want to fight against them!"

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