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   Chapter 72 (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-17 00:12

Melissa yelled, struggled for a while and suddenly had an idea. She put on her high heels and suddenly kicked the ball of a man.

Unfortunately, she hit his ball. The man screamed and stepped back because of the pain. Holding his penis, he looked very painful. Melissa stepped on the other two. Both of them were forced to step back because of the pain. Those men resisted the pain and cursed, "Bad girl!"

Once they let go of Melissa, she ran away in a hurry. The men of course wouldn't let her go. They endured the pain and shouted, "Stop! Stop!" "You bad girl, don't even think about escaping. You're doomed tonight by us!" Then they tried to catch up with her.

Melissa failed to run fast in her high heels, so she stooped to take them off, turned around and smashed at the robbers. One of the robbers was hit in the eye, so he yelled in pain. Melissa grabbed her wallet and ran as fast as she could. The rain was pouring heavily. She couldn't run fast, but the kidnapper ran faster than her. She was about to be caught up. At this time, Melissa ran into a broad road. A car was driving over with its headlights flashing. It seemed to be a little far away from herself and the robbers behind her was about to catch up. Not afraid of being killed, she ran straight over the road.

However, she had mistakenly estimated that she was nearly hit by the car. As a result, the driver in the car came to a halt and roared, "Hey, what are you doing?" Don't you want to see the road? What a narrow escape! But luckily I stopped the car and you was out of danger in time. Besides, this luxurious car has a good functions. Otherwise, you would have been dead now. "

Ignoring what the driver said, Melissa kept running. When the kid

ore long. "Is this Eric?" Why do you have my phone number? "……"

Eric explained flatly, "After I took you back to the hotel last time, I thought we still had to keep in touch in the future, so I secretly exchanged my phone numbers with you."

"Okay……" Melissa answered weakly and wanted to hang up the phone before going to bed.

Sensing the change of her tone, Eric asked with concern, "What's wrong with you, Melissa?" Why is your voice so weak? "Why do I feel that you're ill?"

Melissa felt that her strength was running out and she was about to die. She breathed a sigh of relief and asked weakly, "I'm……" I was in the Dream Garden…… Help…… "Save me..." Then the phone was left down and she could vaguely heard Eric shout anxiously, "Hello, Hello, Melissa. Melissa. Are you okay?" "Melissa, I'll be right there!"

All of a sudden, a touch of warmth was surging in Melissa's heart. It turned out that there was still someone who cared for her in this life, except for Colin and her parents. She still had someone to rely on.

"Eric……" Melissa was deeply touched at that moment. Tears streamed down her face and she passed out gradually.

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