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   Chapter 70

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 10421

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Melissa looked coldly at the man who was mad at her. Was this the man who said he couldn't bear to part with her? Was this man really the one who promised to be good to her and not to torture her anymore? Was this man the one who had accompanied her for five years and given her everything? Why did he look so strange to her?

Colin walked in as he glared at Melissa. He didn't expect that she would really do such a thing!

Just now, Candy called him and told him that she was cleaning the room. But she saw Melissa entered into the forbidden area. She didn't want to go out no matter how hard Candy asked her out. She even burst into tears and laughed loudly at the photo of Avril. Candy felt something was wrong and called him to tell that he was back.

So he rushed back in a hurry. Because that was his secret and no one was allowed to touch it. He only allowed Candy to come in and clean it. During the cleaning, she was allowed to cherish the things in it and all things were forbidden to break. After that, she had to move them back to their original position carefully and nothing could get out of the way. He didn't expect that the woman would rush into the sexy pool directly and see his inner thoughts. That was enough to make him furious. It was totally out of his expectation that this woman was so audacious that she even dared to break his diary and break Avril's crystal pen shelf!

Colin didn't know how to describe his fury as he looked at the stubborn woman Melissa. So he pointed at the messy things on the ground and said, "Pick them up and wipe them clean!" "I'll ask you to attach the broken glass on it bit by bit!"

Melissa still looked at him coldly. At this moment, she couldn't hold back her sadness and anger with tears streaming down her face. Trying not to cry, she asked him lightly, "Colin, do you really care about Avril so much? "Are she more important than anyone else?"

Colin stared straight into her eyes. At that moment, he saw the woman's sorrow and despair, like a drowning woman who held on to the last straw to save her life. She asked him this question, as if it was the last straw for her. If he denied it, maybe he could save her mind. But when he heard from Candy that she had done on the phone just now, he guessed that this woman must be insane because of jealousy. The woman had broken into his secret place and been mad at Avril's things. She even wanted to tear all the pictures of Avril. It was lucky that Candy had stopped her from doing this. Otherwise, she might have made a mistake. But she still smashed his diary and the shelf.

As a result, he thought she was even more vicious. She couldn't compete with Avril. Because of jealousy, she had to destroy other people's things. When she couldn't get it, she hated Avril. This woman was terrible, even hateful, and she destroyed this private forbidden area between him and Avril.

Thus, Colin was totally infuriated by her actions, even though he had a little pity for her in the past. But now, after seeing her face and the jealousy, he couldn't feel sorry for her any more. The only person he loved f

lin, I accidentally broke Avril's pen, but you know what, you just cut my heart like a knife. My heart is badly hurt and it's bloody. Can't I compete with the crystal brush pen shelf?" It's the only love I've ever loved in my life and it can offset Avril's shelf. So we're done. I was so stupid and crazy before that I had a hallucination that I fell in love with you, but now I am completely clear! I, known as Melissa, will never fall in love with you from now on! "You can stay with your Avril forever!" Then she wiped away her tears and ran out.

Colin seemed frozen. After a long time, he suddenly shouted angrily, "Melissa! Melissa!" You catch her! "I won't let her go! I, known as Colin, won't let her go!"

Hearing Colin's order, Candy and the nurse ran after her.

But it was impossible because Melissa had tried her best to leave this place as soon as possible. Candy and the nurse were out of sight of her when they got closer. And it was raining outside.

It wasn't until Melissa ran out of the house that she realized it was raining again, but she didn't even look at it. She ran out of the house, regardless of her injury and fever. And she wouldn't look back anymore.

She had to flee from this place of shame, from this nightmare of sadness, and from the man Colin in front of her who she had hated so much! Anyway, she wanted to escape from all these and would never come back. As long as Colin hurt her once, she would remember it for a lifetime. She swore that she would never fall in love with him again and she would even revenge him for everything he had done to her!

The rain became heavier and the sky was almost dusk. At the same time, Melissa rushed into the darkness, paying no attention to danger. There were no cars and pedestrians on the outskirts. As soon as she went out of the wealthy community, it was a deserted wild area. The robbers were everywhere. It was in the heavy rain and the phone was unable to get through. Therefore, Melissa, a weak woman, rushed out like that. She was so sad that she didn't realize the danger at all……

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