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   Chapter 69

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It was totally out of Melissa's expectation that there was such a secret room in Colin's house. Maybe it was what he was thinking about and that was why it was known as a forbidden area. So no one was allowed to disturb him.

This was just the room he and Avril shared. There were many things remembering Avril, such as the pictures of her on the wall, which included from her childhood to her images lying on the bed before her death.

It must have cost Colin a lot of time to get Avril's photos. At every year, he got almost all the photos related to Avril, such as her photos alone, her photos with her classmates, her photos taken when she performed dance and so on. He collected all her photos and developed them into numerous pictures which covered the whole wall and even every corner of the room. As soon as Melissa entered, she felt that she was in Avril's world, overwhelmingly.

While Avril smiled so beautifully on almost every photo, making people know that she was a beautiful woman when she was alive. With fair skin and bright smiles, she got two shallow dimples on her lips. A light smile made her look fresh and comfortable. In a word, she looked like a woman who came from fairy land.

Avril did look like her somewhat. They looked like sisters. But they had different faces no matter how they looked like each other. So when she saw Avril's photo, Melissa felt a little familiar. But after she looked at it carefully, she still recognized that the woman in the photo was not her, but Avril who looked a bit like her.

At that moment, Melissa's heart seemed to have been hit hard, because she knew how much a man loved a woman. That was why he had spent so much time looking for all the pictures of that woman, keeping and recording every detail of her growth. Colin had kept Avril's photo for eight years. It had been eight years. He was the only one who could get close to here, so what else could she say? The result was self-evident. No wonder that man refused to accept her love confession and then cowardly left. Because even if he liked her, it was not as much as his love for Avril!

In addition to Avril's photo, there were also some precious things in the room, such as the violin, the doorbell used for dancing, some old women books, the laptop, the clothes, the shoes, and even a small comb as well as a clip. And all were all hidden by Colin. In this closely hugged room, it seemed as if Avril was still alive and lived here. After Avril left, Colin painfully lived in there. He could only miss her smell and her people relying on these things every day.

At the same time, a thick stack of notebook caught Melissa's attention. She took a glance at it and found that it wasn't Avril's diary, but Colin's.

There was a sentence like that: It was sunny and cloudless on April 8.

Today was the anniversary of Avril's death. She w

ine and other objects on the pen shelf were scattered all over the ground.

Melissa stared at the mess on the ground, tears rolling down her cheeks. "What a ridiculous woman!" she thought. "Was I really a dissatisfied housewife who couldn't get love?" But she was so sad and indignant that she had to vent her anger!

Just then, Candy's voice came from outside. "Mr. Colin.……" Mr. Colin…… "Mr. Colin……" Then she heard that he walked towards her quickly like this.

Melissa looked back and saw that Colin was already standing at the door. He stared at Melissa in shock for a while and then slowly moved his eyes down. When he saw the notebook and broken pen frame falling on the ground, he flew into a rage with the shock on his face turning into a cloud of cloth. He shouted, "Who let you in this room?"

His growl made Melissa's heart sink. So she just looked at him with her wet eyes, without saying anything.

Candy caught up with them out of breath. She was so sorry that she stamped her legs and regretted, "Oh, Mr. Colin, it was all my fault. I forgot to close the door after I listened to Mr. Colin's orders. It was all my fault. So Mrs. Shen walked in the room by mistake." "It was not her fault" Candy glanced at the mess on the ground and was shocked. She then patted her thigh and said, "Oh, how did the laptop break and the pen frame break? I think Miss Shen didn't do it on purpose. Please don't blame her, Mr. Colin!" "Miss Shen, she really don't know that it is the treasure of you, which cannot be easily broken. So if she accidentally broke it, it is also an accident. Mr. Colin will not blame her!"

Candy asked Colin not to complain Melissa, but she referred to Colin's anger because it was his favorite thing and no one couldn't fall on it. But Melissa still inadvertently touched it, which made Colin mad. Then, Colin shouted even more angrily, "Who allows you to enter this room?"

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