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   Chapter 68

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But Colin didn't reply, only moving his lips. He looked at Melissa sincerely. There was a mixture of hesitation and seriousness in his eyes. It seemed that he was not as decisive as the man in business field.

Melissa kept waiting, waiting. Her hands held the sheet were so tight that she could even squeeze a corner of it. She also secretly gritted her teeth, as if the most nervous person was not Colin, but herself.

After a while, Colin finally walked up to her. Seeing that, Melissa became more nervous than before, and was a little excited.

Then, Colin only lifted his feet a little and put them down, and finally opened his mouth, saying, "have a good rest... Don't think... Don't think too much! " Then he turned around and walked away. This time, he went out and closed the door, without looking back.

At the moment when the door was closed, Melissa's hanging heart finally fell down. She shrank down in frustration, and her hand holding the sheets also loosened. She had no strength at all as if her soul had been extracted, and also lost passion all of a sudden.

Tears fell down again out of no reason. Melissa was distressed, bitter, painful, and at a loss. As a result, she didn't know what to say to Colin? She had already put down her self-esteem and begged him, exposing her heart to him so directly, and he still didn't say a word. So he didn't love her at all, did he? Or did she just flatter herself?

For a moment, Melissa felt like a bitch. She had pleaded him humbly, but to no avail. In the future, Colin must tease her for her naivety. Because he thought she was no different from other women and that he would like her after getting laid with her? Did she really lose her dignity in front of him? She was bringing disgrace on her own head?

Melissa felt herself so stupid! She had been hurt so many times, why didn't she give up? Why did she always have a glimmer of hope and chase after him like a moth darted into the fire? In the end, she only got herself hurt badly!

She wiped away her tears and tried to calm herself down. Then she sneered. From now on, she shouldn't trouble herself because of Colin anymore. She shouldn't have fantasies about him!

Colin stood up out the door. He didn't leave. Instead of closing the door completely, he left a crack. Through the crack, he saw Melissa sitting on the bed, crying silently, tears streaming down her cheeks. Colin felt guilty and regret. He didn't know why he was so stubborn and refused to admit that he had a crush on her?

In fact, he really had a crush on her, but he didn't know how to admit it. Facing her, he didn't know how to say. He was coward just now. In fact, he had been moved wh

he smiled and then lowered her head to eat, without saying anything.

However, these words was heard by Melissa in the corner. She had left her phone on the table and was going to get it when she heard Candy's words.

She didn't know that she was so detestable. It turned out that she was such a slut in the eyes of a servant. What would the others think of her. No wonder her parents blamed her so much, because even a servant looked down upon her. How could her parents look up to her?

Then Melissa silently turned around and went upstairs. But as she was about to enter Colin's room, Melissa suddenly found that the door of another room was open. That room...

The room was mysterious. At least, in Melissa's view, it was mysterious. Because she had been invited to Colin's house for several times, but each time she was asked to stay away from it, as if that place was the forbidden area of his house. Colin hardly opened that room. It was always closed and blocked in an area that no one could come close. It exuded a mysterious charm.

She asked Candy what the room was once, but Candy never made a sound, so she got nothing. But this time, she saw the door of that room open. The door was open in front of her. Unfortunately, it was very dark inside. There were curtains nearby blocked all light, so she couldn't see anything.

Melissa paused for a moment, but Colin's inhibitions did not resist her curiosity. As a result, she walked towards the bedroom.

Step by step, Melissa walked there with great care. As she pushed open the door, the sunlight streamed into the room. Melissa stepped on the floor where there were lights. Then she groped the switch on the wall and turned on the light. All of a sudden, the scene in the room shocked Melissa with her eyes wide open.

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