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   Chapter 64

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When Melissa's grandpa opened the door and came out, he saw Melissa kneeling in front of the door. It was raining heavily and the rain poured all over Melissa's body. Her hair had stuck to ear. Moreover, her head was wrapped around by bandage. The rain could make her wounds become inflamed! So he shouted, "Oh, why are you kneeling here? Kid, what's wrong with you?"

Hearing this, Melissa's grandma stood up and glanced around. She was shocked. Then she screamed loudly, urging her grandpa to go in and take out the umbrella. She rushed out herself and protected Melissa with her body.

Soon, her grandpa came out with two umbrella for Melissa. But she had been in the rain for half an hour. She was shivering with cold with her lips turning purple. Her grandma persuaded her, "Why do you have to do this? My dear child, what good will it do to you? Do you think your father will forgive you if you act like this?" "Get up now. You are totally wet!"

When her grandma hold her while her grandpa was holding the umbrella for them. Also her grandpa persuaded, "Wake up, Melissa. You can't keep kneeling. Your dad is in a fit of anger. He won't forgive you!" "Wake up! Don't be silly!"

But Melissa shook her head determinedly, "No!" "I won't get up if my father doesn't forgive me!"

Her grandparents had been persuading her for a while, but failed. They shouted inside, "Jenny, Jenny, come and see your daughter!" "Jenny!"

Melissa's mother was freaked out when she saw the scene. Regardless of the rain, she rushed towards the woman and yelled, "What are you doing?" Get up now. Is it useful kneeling like this? What else can you do except abuse yourself? "Do you think your father will feel sorry for you after he knows this?"

Seeing her mother coming out, Melissa looked at her and said, "Mom, it makes your heart ache to see me suffer. Now that you are here, why doesn't dad come out?" "Why can't he forgive me?"

Hearing this, Jenny suddenly got angry. She pushed her away, pointed at her and scolded, "Do you think I care about you?" Do you think you can get our forgiveness in this way? You did something wrong and you don't even think about it. How can you try to earn our sympathy through what you did as a child? "Melissa, now you're a grown-up. Don't you think it's childish to do this kind of thing?"

Her grandma asked Jenny to persuade her daughter, but she didn't expect her to come out like this. It was fine if she didn't persuade Melissa and she even scolded her severely. So she couldn't help scolding, "Jenny, what are you talking about?" "Look at her. Why do you scold her? Why are you so stone-hearted? Do you want her to freeze to death here?"

Jenny said angrily, "Mom, you have been spoiling her too much. That's why she is in trouble!" Do you remember how much we opposed her to learn acting in entertainment circle? But you and father insisted on supporting her. You almost get her into an acting university. But what does she look like? Does she like what you taught her? The entertainment circle is like a big hotchpot

cked it up and had a look and her eyes couldn't help crying.

Her grandpa came from the other side with saying, "Since you don't want her to leave, why did you do this to her?" You are torturing her as well as yourself, aren't you? "Your daughter is your own flesh, why?"

Jenny wiped her tears and said, "Dad, you don't understand. If I don't do this to give her a lesson. She will only make bigger mistakes in the entertainment industry in the future. If her father can't forgive her, can we keep harmony in the future?"

Grandfather sighed helplessly.

Melissa walked out of the alley, cold and gloomy. Her body had turned purple with cold, but not as cold as the bitterness in her heart. Suddenly, she found a car parking at the alley. It was so familiar that she knew whose car it was without thinking. But why did he come? Was he here to see her down and out?

Melissa stood there, staring at the car. Colin got out of the car and walked towards her with a black umbrella. Melissa didn't understand why Colin kept following her. He must have seen her kneeling in the alley, but he did nothing. Did he come here to laugh at her?

All of a sudden, a laugh broke out from the corners of Melissa's mouth. Yet, she didn't know what she was laughing at. It was so bleak that she felt so hopeless. She didn't know what the significance is in this world.

Colin said calmly, "I'm here to pick you up."

He sounded so calm, as if nothing had happened. This man could always be calm to treat her well after hurting her, as if nothing had happened. Melissa was tired of him of this and hated him. She clenched her teeth and slapped his face hard.

It was cold here. Because the temperature would always be low in such a rainy day. At the same time, Colin flew into a great rage. He turned around and shouted, "Melissa, what are you doing!" "I don't have that much patience!"

Melissa looked at him, still sneering. But gradually, she couldn't stand it and fell down. She passed out in the running rain and remained unconscious.

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