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   Chapter 63 (Part Two)

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"How dare you? Do you want to do again?" You really want to piss your father off! You have made a mistake and this matter has completely ruined the reputation of our two families. And our two families have completely lost face for you. How can you make me to bear it? You have been an obedient child since you were a child. But how can you be like this these years? I've suggested that you should study hard in the art school. You can just learn music or painting. Or at least, you can learn dancing. Why do you choose to major in acting and then become an actress to enter entertainment circle? "But look at yourself. Don't make a fool of yourself!"

His words confused both her grandparents and astonished them further. He grandma walked up to them and asked, "Paul, what did you say just now?" I'm getting more and more confused. Is it because I'm getting old and my understanding ability is getting poor? What did Melissa do after entering the entertainment circle? "Did she do something shameful?"

Paul shouted loudly, "What kind of person she is? She is no different from those women in the entertainment circle who sell their bodies to get their position?" As a girl, she didn't have self-respect and cherish her reputation! What she has done is intolerable in other families, let alone in Shen family. Is she going to disgrace our family? What will others say about us if the news is reported by the media? Story say that I brought up so shameless daughter. Am I telling Jenny as a musician gave birth to such a daughter? "I mean, you're university professor anyway, but your granddaughter is a failure in her career. Why did she choose to learn those messy women in the entertainment circle?"

"What?" Her grandparents were stunned and they looked at each other, not knowing what to say. But Jenny's heart ached and burst into tears after she hear

ow that your father is very stubborn and his health is not good. If you really want the best for him, don't irritate him again!"

"Grandfather……" Grandfather…… "Grandma!" Melissa patted the door and called them. But they ignored Melissa and left too.

Melissa cried loudly. It started to rain at this moment. The rain came in a hurry with tinkling sounds and it hit Melissa.

Soon, Melissa collapsed to the ground. She sat on the floor as the rain was getting heavier and heavier. She cried out, "Da……" "Mom..."

Even her grandparents didn't trust her this time. What should she do? What should she do? She looked so helpless because of Colin's deeds! She hated Colin! Melissa hated Colin even more.

Later, the rain grew heavier and heavier and almost got her wet. But Melissa didn't leave and even stepped back a few steps. She knelt down in front of the door of her grandfather's house, in the rain. She knelt down and begged for her father's forgiveness. Otherwise, her father might lose his life if the treatment was delayed. Melissa couldn't believe that his father would be so cruel to leave his daughter alone. She decided that she would keep kneeling until he forgave her. If not, she would rather die here and kneeled.

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