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   Chapter 62 (Part One)

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Melissa was shocked by the scene, including her grandparents. They all looked at Paul who stood in the gate of the door. Paul supported by Jenny pointed at Melissa and said, "Dad, mom, I don't want to see her. Let her go!"

Jenny was worried about the repeat illness of heart attack when she saw her husband so angry. She patted him on the back to calm him down and then looked at Melissa with hesitation. She didn't know what to say about her daughter, either. She knew that Melissa had done the wrong thing and she didn't dare to help her. Besides, her husband was so angry at her, so Jenny only wanted Melissa to leave. Why would she come here when Paul felt angry?

Melissa called, "Dad..."

"Go away. I don't want to see you!" "I, known as Paul, don't have an unfilially daughter like you!" Paul said coldly and even waved his hand, as if he was tired of seeing her.

Her grandparents looked at each other, confused. Her grandma didn't understand what Paul meant, so she said to him, "What's wrong with you? Why do you have to do that?" "We are a family. We can have a good talk."

"Mom, you have no idea what she has done outside. She disgraced both Shen family and Zhang family!" Paul got angry at the mention of it.

"What did she do? What did she do unpardonable thing?" Her grandma still couldn't understand. She thought her son-in-law was too cruel. Although she knew well about her son-in-law's temper. After all, he had worked in the army before and was a high-ranking officer. He was very strict with the discipline of his subordinates and was just a man of selflessness. But how could he bring his temper against his own daughter. The Zhang family only had one daughter Jenny. And she married Paul. But they had Melissa. It could be said that the three generations of the two

this way and she also felt sorry for her granddaughter!

Their reaction enraged Paul. He said, "Mom, since you want to figure it out, I'm not afraid to make it clear. Then I can let you know what this black sheep has done!" The Zhang family was well-known for their literary family. The two of you were retired professors in college. And Jenny was a musician and the people she contacted were all elegant people. Our Shen family was born into a poor family. After I became the general of the military, we value reputation very much for political needs. In a word, both of our families value reputation more than life. But what about her! What an unfilial daughter! "She dared to do such a shameless thing. She should felt sorry to Shen family as well as all of you."

"Shut up, Paul!" Jenny didn't want him to talk about this matter. If he talked too much and too blank as military officer, her parents would feel sad. And it was not good to Melissa as well.

After a long pause, Paul snorted and remained silent after he hadn't finished his words.

Melissa cried and walked up with saying, "Dad, It's my fault. I've always known that I was wrong. But Dad, forgive me. I won't do that again!"

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