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   Chapter 58

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He thought of Melissa as a stand in of Avril. He wanted to take revenge on Avril. At the same time, he used her body to make up for the great loss in his heart. Otherwise, he didn't know what the meaning was to live a wanton life.

At the beginning, Melissa was a simple-minded woman. To put it bluntly, she had thought that he would let her go after she signed a five-year contract with him. In fact, at the beginning, he had thought that the contract was a bottomless pit. If Colin didn't declare to let her go, she wouldn't be able to escape. As long as she was still in the entertainment circle, she couldn't escape from his palm, just like monkey king who would never escape from the palm of Buddha!

So he began to banish her, banished her from the entertainment industry and made her unable to live on her own again. At the same time, he gave her a lot of money and arranged the paths of her parents, letting her know that her parents would be in trouble without his help. Also, she would not be able to live well, let alone take care of her parents! In a word, he wanted her to completely rely on him and even if five years later the contract expired, this woman would not be able to leave him. And she would continue to serve him under his feet without dignity. She looked at his face and life, constantly asking for his love.

He admitted that he was a pervert and he was unscrupulous, because he was not treated so well by Avril when he was with her. Not only did Avril not play up to him, but she always gave him a look and disdained his love and care. So after Avril was dead, he wanted to revenge on her with the substitute of Melissa. So he tried his best to torture Melissa, hoping that it was Avril who he was torturing, so that he could get the pleasure of revenge.

But he still loved Avril, so sometimes when he looked Melissa, he was reluctant to hit her or scold her, and sometimes he would do something indulgent that he didn't notice. Sometimes he couldn't help but treat her as Avril to protect her.

The silly Melissa in the past was similar to Avril. They were both otherworldly, with noble souls and no stains on their faces. She dared to scold the evil guys, just like when Avril fought and scolded him. When they met Heaven Night, Melissa didn't fear his identity and she slapped him on the face. They had similar dispositions. He could hardly distinguish them.

But it didn't last long. Before long, Melissa began to change. She was no longer pure and otherworldly. And she began to smoke, drink, and even play mahjong games gambling. He frowned deeply. He didn't like this kind of woman. Was there any difference between her and those women outside? When they first met, he took a fancy to her because she not only looked like Avril, but also had a character like her. That was why he didn't like the changes in Melissa. Therefore, he scolded her more than once and helped her to correct those bad habits.

But one day, when she got drunk, she said to him with a sneer, "Colin, I'm not Avril. I can do whatever I want. You can't force me to live a life like her. I'm not her. Remember, I'm

breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't understand why his heart became soft. It seemed that he didn't become hard on this woman and he couldn't punish her from time to time. According to the past, if there was a woman who dared to be so disobedient and provoked him again and again, she would probably be dead. He would have beaten her to death, but Melissa was still alive and even went against him. She got angry and tried to kill him with a bottle, but he didn't fear of hurting her by cutting her body and taking her to the hospital.

When they were in the hotel, he had been very angry. But now when he saw her dying on the bed, his heart was softened and his anger had vanished. Colin didn't know how to deal with the woman. If he wanted to hit her, he couldn't do that to her. If he wanted to let her go, he couldn't bear to let her go!

Colin caught a glimpse of her sleeping eyes and her red lips tainted by alcohol. He couldn't help but kiss her.

Her lips were as soft as marshmallow and tasted like wine. For a moment, Colin couldn't help kissing her again. His lips slowly reached hers and Colin couldn't help but hold her head.

But he didn't realize that this woman was more and more like drugs. Every time he touched her, he would not want to let her go. Just like that night when he held her to sleep. He was very tired at first and she was also very tired. He did not intend to touch her. But to his surprise, he already had some reaction while he was holding her and he couldn't help but indulge himself.

Melissa was woke up by Colin. Melissa almost believed that she was dreaming. She stared at him for a long time until she finally realized that it was real thing. She got angry and felt a shame with screaming, "Colin, what are you doing?"

Startled by her yell, Colin raised his head and saw Melissa waking up and eyes wide open. He immediately blushed and felt embarrassed. So he quickly released her and stood up, coughing and looking away.

Melissa was both angry. She immediately sorted out her clothes and scolded, "You're such a shameless man!"

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