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   Chapter 57

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 10060

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The doctor examined and bandaged Melissa's wound. And she was asked to be in hospital. It was not some serious injuries, but a head collision. So she passed out and the palm of her hand was cut by a sharp knife at the same time. Colin bandaged his wound. Both was fine.

A group of people followed them and waited at the door. Later, Colin asked them to go back first. The assistant worried about him and asked, "Boss, aren't you going back?"

Colin waved his hands, "You can leave. I'll stay."

The assistant said, "I'll send nanny to take care of Miss Shen. Boss, you'd better go home and have a rest."

On hearing that, Colin shook her hands and said, "No, I don't need your help. Do you think it's better for me to stay at the hospital than at home?"

The assistant said, "How about I ask the doctor for another room for you?" "It's very late now..."

Waving his hand, Colin was getting a little impatient this time. He frowned and said, "You'd better leave now. Don't you hear me? "I will stay wherever I like!"

The assistant finally became silent. After hearing Colin' order, the assistant led her bodyguards away. But the assistant was still confused as he left. Why did Colin still stay at the hospital? The assistant didn't think that Melissa was that important to him. Why would he stay to take care of her?

With his hands shoved into his pockets, Colin was relieved to see them leave. But he fell into silence and stared at the long passage of the hospital corridor in a daze. He couldn't help but think of the night eight years ago. At that night, there were endless cries coming from the corridor of the senior ward area. He didn't know who they were, but he knew that it couldn't be his mother. Because his mother hated the woman and wanted her to die.

He rushed over like a crazy man, grabbed one nurse who was walking towards him and asked anxiously, "Where is Avril? Where is Avril?"

The nurse panicked and didn't know what to say, probably being frightened by him.

"Tell me, where is Avril now?" He shook her shoulder anxiously and a little more strength could kill the little nurse.

The nurse was almost crying, but she said nothing. She was like a frightened deer, constantly shrinking.

Later, he heard a cold voice from behind him, "Avril is dead!" The voice was very dignified and loud.

Colin slowly turned around and saw his mother, Fannie, standing behind him and his family members looking at him coldly, as if he had done something terrible. And her mother's eyes were as cold as ice, without any affection. She was dressed in a short skirt suit and wore a lot of jewelry, including rings, the necklace and the branded bags. All showed her temperament and nobility. She was like an arrogant queen who could control others' lives one by one.

At that moment, Colin had never felt his mother was so horrible, so he knelt down slowly and begged with tears, "Please let her go. I know you hate her, but it's all my fault. Please let her go!" His hand was sha

ame less passionate and motivated.

For a long time, he was muddled. He loved her so much, but she didn't love him at all. She even wanted to die rather than be with him. How could he, known as Colin, fail? What a failure!

But he managed to make it through afterward. Although he was still painful in his heart, he gradually got used to his life without her. But in every day of her anniversary, birthday, or seeing what she liked, he would still be in a daze for a whole day. In the evening, when facing the night scene, he could not help but think of her, or met her in the dream. He couldn't help thinking of the days when she was still alive. He still couldn't forget her, even eight years had passed!

In the days without her, he learned to release himself and was no longer in the mood to fight hard. Instead he constantly loosened himself, kept drinking, smoking, and playing with women, as well as doing a lot of things that Playboys should do. In fact, he just wanted to paralyze himself by these extravagant life, so that he could forget that woman, in an effort to miss her less than one second or two and reduce the pain in his heart.

But as time went by, he indulged himself and didn't know what he was going to do. His life was totally meaningless. It was not until that night when he saw Melissa in the dancing room of his turf Heaven Night. And his world was lit up by her appearance.

Melissa looked so much alike the woman and they seemed to look like sisters. The only difference between them was that Melissa was much younger than Avril and Melissa was much taller than Avril. But they really looked like each other except for their body and age. Therefore, when he saw Melissa just now, he thought Avril had revived and returned to his side.

So from that night on, he swore that he would get this woman whatever it took! Anyway, he was a playboy and had played dirty tricks. He even added insult to injury when her family was down. He just wanted to make her his mistress!

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