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   Chapter 56

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Colin didn't expect that she would hold his neck and laughed wildly. She was totally a lunatic.

The bodyguards around them also rushed to her, but before they could push her away, Colin had forced Melissa to release her hands and pushed her away.

Melissa rolled over on the bed, which proved that Colin pushed her away with great strength. As a result, Colin roared, "Are you insane?" "Don't you know who I am? Do you want to strangle me?"

Eric shouted, "Melissa!" He wanted to rush over there, but he was stopped by those bodyguards. He could only look at her and anxiously call her.

Melissa felt faint and painful as if she was drowning in sorrow. She didn't expect herself to be so sad. Being detested by her parents, pushed away by Colin, she suffered a lot. Then what on earth was she? In this world of being despised everywhere, why was she alive?

She cried and laughed all of a sudden, but she cried more. Her tears were like the river that had opened the gate and kept flowing without a stop. Even though she wiped them with her hands and tried hard to suppress them, she could not help but cry out.

On the other hand, Colin was totally enraged by her behavior. He had been at a loss after he saw she stayed with Eric. And the sight of her like this infuriated him to the core. Was she trying to strangle him? Then he suddenly grabbed her hand, shook her shoulder and shouted, "You hate me, don't you?" Do you want to kill me? Don't forget that if you weren't my mistress, you would have been a pathetic loser! Who do you think you are? As my mistress, you should think about your position and you have to pay so much since I have given you so much. Or do you think that you are still a princess loved by thousands of people. And you don't return what others have given you? No way! If you don't listen to me now, I will definitely punish you! Do you want to die? "Do you want me to help you?" As Colin spoke, he stretched out his hands and tried to pinch Melissa's neck.

Melissa's hair was in a mess and her eyes were covered with tears. She looked at the man's face through the dim light. Colin had been standing beside her for five years. She looked at him, clutching at her. And his face was so hideous. She was heartbroken at that moment. The pain paralyzed her consciousness completely. She suddenly thought why did she continue to tangle with him? Why couldn't she die with him? Since he wanted to choke her to death, she must take a revenge for him. He shouldn't bully and humiliate her like this!

At the thought of this, Melissa found a bottle of red wine on the bedside cupboard, which was bought by Eric to drink. As long as Melissa touched them, she wouldn't let them go. Instead, she merely held them in her palms. As Colin kept squeezing her harder and harder, she almost lost her breath. At the same time, she suddenly lifted the wine bottle in her hand, closed her eyes, and smashed it against Colin's head.

Melissa didn't even realize that she was so strong. She was furious at that moment. She was so desperate that she didn't expect the world to exist. As a result, when sh


So Colin strode out with Melissa in his arms. But his secretary, Quintin, received a phone call at the entrance. Then, he said worriedly, "Boss, I just got news that there were paparazzi at the entrance of the hotel who might follow Eric!"

As soon as Woody heard that, he was scared. He hurriedly ran up to him and reported, "Mr. Colin, Mr. Colin, if this is known, it will do no good to you, especially to Mr. Colin..."

Of course, Colin knew that Woody referred to his artist, specifically for Colin, because he didn't want the matter to be exposed. But this was not only bad for Eric, but also for himself, especially for Melissa. So he commanded to Quintin with a cold face, "The news must be blocked and send someone downstairs to watch. If anyone dares to take pictures, take them and teach him a lesson! You warn all the major media not to do that. If anyone dares to publish what happened tonight, I, known as Colin, will account heartlessly for that! "I will destroy them!"

Quintin was scared by Colin attitude, bowed and replied, "Yes, boss!"

Then Colin held Melissa in his arms and led a group of bodyguards to the hospital through staff aisle.

Along the way, Melissa had been in a coma and there was blood at the back of her head. Colin took his coat to cover her. While his hand was still bleeding. The cut caused by Melissa was so deep that it might bleed badly.

In the assistant's seat, his assistant turned around and said with concern, "Boss, put Miss Shen down, it's not good for your hand. It's not stopping bleeding in your hands yet!" "You can't hold her in your arms all the time!"

However, Colin replied coldly, "I'm fine!" "Drive to the nearby hospital!"

The assistant saw that he was very stubborn and his tone was very bad, so he stopped persuading him. He then asked the driver to drive faster.

And for some unknown reason, Colin didn't want to let Melissa go. The only thing in his mind at that moment was to hold her tightly. Even though his body hurt and the back of his hand was bleeding, he didn't want to let her go.

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