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   Chapter 55 having sex

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Woody screamed and rushed to the bodyguards to prevent them from hitting Eric. Woody was in a cold sweat with fear. He had been telling those people, "calm down! Calm down! Everybody calm down! Don't fight! Oh my God! " Then he yelled at Eric, "Eric, what are you doing? Do you want to piss me off? I'm your agent. I have told you many times that if you don't follow my orders, I won't buy it? My God, what you did today really pissed me off! How can you do this to me? What's wrong with you today? I don't know how to deal with those troubles you have made! Oh my God! I'm almost driven mad by you! How should I explain to the media and the Internet? And who didn't you slap? Why did you hit Mr. Colin? Why did you hit him! Do you want to be an outsider? Oh my God! I'll feel awful every time I think of tomorrow! "

Woody was pissed off and could not stop cursing. But Eric yelled at him, "Damn it! I'll beat him even if I don't get into this circle! This man is a scum. He doesn't deserve a woman's love! "

Hearing Eric's words, Woody became more excited. He kept cursing. In the end, he could do nothing but hide in a corner and cry bitterly and disappointedly. Woody was afraid Eric was going to be ruined, even if not by the media but by Colin. Eric was cultivated by him in person. He had invested a lot in Eric. So far, he only had one star Eric. If Eric was destroyed, he would be destroyed as well. They were on the same boat, and they would die together! Woody was so sad that he cried no matter he was a man or not.

On the other hand, after be beaten by Eric, Colin got up slowly. He wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth and raised his eyes to look at Eric. His eyes were full of viciousness and insincerity. It seemed that he hadn't met someone so surprising to him in a long time. And the man, who he didn't expect to see, appeared in front of him after Avril death. It was the first time for him to be surprised on Eric.

He shrugged and said, "well, you really have the guts, huh? I haven't been beaten by anyone for a long time, and today, you did it for a woman. Hahaha... " Colin was laughing, but in the eyes of outsiders, he did not laugh. It was more frightening than when he did not laugh. Then he continued, "but you know what will happen to you after you gave me a punch. I'm not a good man, so I will let anyone who dares to offend me pay the price. You are now the best actor, aren't you? Are you the most popular actor, right? Do you believe that I will make you lose everything tomorrow? "

Colin said that he could make Eric lose everything hit the nail on the dead end of Woody's head. Woody cried harder. He even took out his handkerchief and couldn't bear it anymore. He walked up to Colin and said, "Mr. Colin, calm down. Don't get us into trouble, Mr. Colin..."

But no matter what Woody said, Colin didn't r

an recognize me?" There was a hint of anger and mockery in the voice.

Trying to get up, Melissa stared at him in a daze and asked, "you are Colin, aren't you? Let me tell you a secret... Come here! Come here! " She beckoned to him with a smile like a kid.

Frowning, Colin said coldly, "do you have anything to tell me?"

"They will hear me if I shout it out. I'm afraid you'll make a fool of yourself," said Melissa, still with a childish smile on her face.

After a long while, Colin finally lowered his head and moved closer to her. "I know how Avril died. She was forced to death by you, hahaha..." said Melissa. After that, she laughed unscrupulously. "Do you know how disgusting you are? You are a freak. You will not only force the woman you love most to death, but also all the women around you to death! If I were Avril, I would rather die than stay by your side, hahaha... "

"Shut up!" Colin shouted, suddenly furious. As if his wound was stabbed by Melissa that made him covered with sharp thorns.

Melissa still laughed, gnashing her teeth, "Colin, do you think I love you? I'm the same as Avril. I hate you. I hate you. You ruined everything I have! "

"Shut up!" As Colin said that, he lifted his hand up and wanted to hit her.

But Melissa wasn't scared at all. She raised her neck and shouted, "go ahead! It's not the first time. Go ahead!"

Eric cried in shock, "Colin, don't touch her!" Eric struggled to free himself, but he was caught tightly by the bodyguards, unable to move at all. He could only look at Colin angrily and anxiously.

But Colin just stared at Melissa angrily, unable to do anything.

All of a sudden, Melissa burst into laughter. For some time, she jumped up abruptly, caught hold of Colin's neck as he didn't expect that. Then she said, "since you hate me so much, I'll destroy you together with myself! Colin, how I wish I could kill you! "

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