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   Chapter 54

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Woody rushed to Eric, seeming to say something. But at that moment, he couldn't say anything. He had been in the entertainment industry for so many years, and he had seen anyone, but only didn't see Colin, not to mention that Colin's mother, Fannie. But he had never seen them before, he just knew the legend about them. How horrible they were, especially Colin's mother, Fannie. Offending her was indeed a death penalty. And her son, who must be as evil as her.

Eric was composed as he kept looking at Colin. It was also the first time for him to see Colin. He saw Colin at the award ceremony or other events, but he didn't speak to him and he didn't know what kind of person Colin was. But all the people in the circle knew that they couldn't offend Colin. In addition, he told Colin looked powerful today, bringing such a group of bodyguards with him. The people who didn't understand him thought that he saw the gangster. But for Gilbert's family, what's the difference between the entertainment industry and the gangs?

Ling family was just like a royal family, a Mafia family. With more than half of the power, they could do whatever they wanted, and no one dared to offend them!

Colin led a group of bodyguards in front of Eric, and Woody was smart enough to react immediately. Deserved to be the top agent, of course he could deal with such a situation well, even if he was in panic. With his fingers crooked, he greeted Evan, "Hey, isn't that the distinguished Mr. Colin? Mr. Colin, what brings you here? It's great to meet you here! "

Woody tried to shake Colin's hand back, but his hand was in the air, and Colin didn't reply, staring at him coldly. Woody retracted his hand awkwardly and said with a smile, "I've heard that Mr. Colin is a big shot. Today I see you that you are truly dignified and different from many other big bosses. You are so brilliant that I dare not look straight into your eyes! What brings you here? "

With his lips curled into a mocking smile, Colin said, "Mr. Woody is indeed a well-known manager in the entertainment circle. You have brought more and more famous artists, one better than another. Especially the best actor now, Eric. You are really a piece of work!"

"What?" Hearing that, Woody dazed for a moment. He didn't know what did Colin mean by that. He didn't know whether it was irony or something else. Colin pointed to what? But it sounded uncomfortable.

Eric kept staring at Colin, until he finally spoke, "it's late at night. What do you want from me?"

Colin turned to look at Eric. Evil and insidious smile covered Colin's face as well as his eyes. Clearly, some kind of emotion was brewing in them, and it could burst out at any time, which made people shudder. Without saying anything else, he told Eric, "hand her over!"

Hearing that, Eric was stunned for a while, but soon he realized who Colin referred to. He frowned and said, "what's the relationship between Mr. Colin and her? Why do you want me to give her to you?"

Woody was startled by Eric's words. He held Eric's hand and asked, "Eric, what are you talking about? This is Mr. Colin. You should give him whatever he wants! "

ooked at his finger and wiped the red color off. Suddenly, Colin sneered. His smile was as cold as ice and snow. At the same time, the sharp blade of a knife flew out one after another, making people tremble with fear. In a dangerous tone, he said, "you not only want to charge me of the woman, but also touched my woman!"

As soon as Eric saw Colin's moves, Eric suddenly realized what he had said, but Eric didn't intend to explain. He wasn't afraid of Colin, so he said coldly, "it was her who kissed me. If you don't believe it, you can ask her. And she said that she hated you and wanted to get rid of you!" Looking at Colin, Eric said deapised, "Mr. Colin, even if you are powerful, can you steal a woman's heart if she is unwilling?"

"She dared to kiss you?" Colin ground his teeth and said coldly. Then Colin suddenly smiled coldly and said through gritted teeth, "I just want her. I will get her by all means. So what? What does it matter whether she loves me or not? I don't love her. I don't care about her feelings. But I have to tell you that she is my woman! " As he spoke, Colin fiercely pushed Eric's hand away and walked in.

But Eric was furious about what Colin had said. The girl he cherished the most was a toy to Colin. And Colin didn't love her, but he also wanted to have her and hurt her. Seeing how painful Melissa was, Eric understood that Colin just trampled her feeling! Thus, Eric was totally enraged, caught up with Colin and gave him a hard punch.

The punch came out of Eric's sheer fury. It was a more violent strike than he had used to fight with those men in the bar. Without noticing, Colin was beaten by him in the face. Colin fell onto the sofa opposite him, even pushed the sofa out, and made a loud noise of friction.

The people around them were totally panic. Woody was frightened and shouted, "ah!"

On hearing that, the bodyguards following Colin immediately rushed forward and grabbed Eric like he was a bandit, restrained him and made him immobile. Eric shouted angrily, "I gave you this punch on behalf of her. You scumbag! You are the scum of men! "

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