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   Chapter 53 (Part Two)

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Although this kiss surprised Eric, he didn't like it when Melissa mistook him for another man. So he pushed her away even though that kiss touched him deeply. Taking a few steps away from her bed, he shouted, "Melissa, calm down!"

After being pushed on the bed, Melissa suddenly burst into laughter. She was really happy that Colin pushed her away instead of holding her and asking her for sex as usual. Did he get tired of her?

Standing by the bedside, Eric stared at her. For some reason, he felt disappointed all of a sudden. He was also disappointed by Melissa's performance. He couldn't tell why he was disappointed and felt a little pain in his heart. Melissa didn't feel the same innocent and beautiful as she used to be. In the past five years, she seemed to have changed a lot, and she was no longer innocent, and she was involved with Colin who she couldn't offend most.

But even if he was angry and depressed, he still couldn't let her go. He was not willing to let her go! He felt like Melissa had betrayed him. But why didn't she belong to him, but to some other man? He was irritable, but not willing to give up!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Eric walked to the door and asked, "who is it?"

Woody replied, "it's me. Open the door. I've brought something to you!"

Feeling fidgety, Eric scratched his hair and had to open the door. "What's it?" He asked.

Woody looked at his messy clothes and saw the lipstick mark on his face and neck. Then he frowned when he saw Melissa lying on the bed. He handed him a box of things and said, "take it! Don't be too tired tonight. I guess the paparazzi will probably hear the news and come here tomorrow morning, so we have to leave early. Besides, don't throw them into the trash can when they're done. It's a five-star hotel and it's highly guarded, but we must prevent it from leak out. "

"What's this?" Eric took the box and had a look. He couldn't help but blush. He frowned and

ore panic. Then he said unbelievably, "are you sure? Did he really come to this hotel? …… HMM... HMM... " Woody nodded and answered. Then, he hung up the phone and shouted at once, "no no no! How could this happen? It's too dramatic. Have I been so unlucky lately? "

Eric asked with a frown, "what's wrong? What happened? "

Squinting at him, Woody grasped Eric's hand and said, "Eric, do you know that Colin... Colin come to our hotel! "

"Colin?" Even Eric was taken aback. "Why is he here?"

"That woman... That woman... " Woody pointed to Melissa in horror and screamed, "don't touch her! Touching her is to offend Colin! Colin is going to find that woman? "

As soon as Woody finished his words, a group of men in suits appeared at the stairway at the end of the corridor. They were all in dark, and the bodyguards behind him, wearing sunglasses, surrounded Colin. At a glance, they looked extremely cold. As for Colin, he was dressed in a long, neat overcoat. His hair was very neat, and his face was very handsome and very cold. His eyes stared straight at Eric and others, and were full of viciousness. Like a ferocious wolf, he looked unconquerable and aggressive. He fixed his eyes on Eric and others and came close to them.

Woody was frightened and screamed in horror, "Oh! My God!"

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