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   Chapter 51

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 10698

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"What game?" Leaning against his chest, Melissa asked with a smile, not knowing whether she was still conscious.

The man said, "how about I take a sip of the wine and you take it out of my mouth? It depends on whether you drink it or not. "

"Okay!" Smiled Melissa.

The crowd around them screamed. They all wanted to take this opportunity to take advantage of Melissa!

The man laughed and took the other glass. He took a sip and got close to Melissa, hoping she could kiss him. The people around kept coaxing her, laughing and urging her to kiss closer.

But at this moment, Melissa suddenly laughed, pushed him away and said, "do you think I'm stupid? Aren't you taking advantage of me? "

The man replied, "I am not taking advantage of you. We are just playing a game, aren't we? You just said that you were going to play with me in this way. Do you agree with me? " The man turned around and said to those people who was around him.

Those men echoed, "yes, yes. Beauty, do you want to act shamelessly? Kiss him! Kiss him! "

All of a sudden, a vicious smile broke across Melissa's face. Pointing at those men, she staggered, "all of you are not kind-hearted... Burp... No one is kind-hearted... None of you is a good thing... Burp..." Melissa belched.

Two other men stood up from the couch and walked up to her. They put their hands on Melissa's shoulders and teased, "men are not good? You haven't seen any man, have you? Do you want me to show you? "

"How?" Collapsed in the arms of the two men, Melissa wanted to struggle, but she couldn't push them away, so she could only lean against them and looked at them. But she was not aware of the danger at all. She thought that the two men were playing with her, and asked merrily.

One of the men said, "I'll tell you when you kiss me!"

"Hahaha..." Smiling, Melissa pinched the man's cheek and said, "I was only an idiot to kiss you? How could a woman kiss a man casually? Hahaha... "

"You don't kiss me? Then we will kiss you. Today, I will let you know what a bad man is! How can you call a bad man if there are not two men play with one woman? Hahaha! " The man said, winking at the other man. With the division of labor, the two men held Melissa's hands, legs and body, and then the other man kissed her. The other man began to pull her clothes.

The sudden kiss and hug aroused her resistance. Although Melissa lost her mind because of the wine, she could still feel that someone violated her. She kept struggling, but the two men were both obscene and pervert... How could they let her go? Obviously, they kissed her forcefully and pulled her clothes.

The men around her cheered, waiting for a good show. They couldn't help but want to touch Melissa. Five or six men bullied a woman. The scene was chaotic.

However, at this time, a man appeared in front of them all of a sudden. He reached out and tore apart the men, one by one the two men who embraced Melissa who was about to rape her. The two men were beaten to fly out by him.

Those two punches were quite heavy. The two sleazy men were beaten to the ground. When they raised their heads, one of them even lost one of his teeth and the othe

The sight of Melissa made Woody Wu very angry, because Eric would easily make mistakes when he saw this woman. For example, when he had only met her for once, there were gossips that how did Eric and Melissa get along, that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and that Eric even went against the company in order to look for her as a spokesman. This time, Eric even fought with others for this woman. What a bad influence!

But he couldn't scold Melissa in front of Eric. Instead, he swore to himself that he would find a way to deal with her. As for Eric, Woody Wu kept cursing him for a while, but Eric didn't respond at all. Then he changed his tone and begged, "Hey, hey! My dear King, could you please say something? You have offended the people in the company for advertising of the heroine last time, and now you have a fight this time? Don't you know that it's not good for your rising career? You should be foresight. You can't just be the first-line star, you shouldn't be satisfied as an actor emperor. Don't you know that the company trained you as a key role in the development of the world? You can't be proud with a little achievement and make mistakes! How are you going to tell a lie to cover your fight! I feel headache at the thought of the numerous reporters tomorrow! "

"Since they can't thought about it, then we don't need to think about it any more. They can write whatever they want to write!" Eric said casually, looking calm.

Woody was anxious and said, "how can I not care? Do you know that we will lose a lot of money if your image is damaged a little? The income from advertising and the entertainment are all related to your image. And the trust and cultivation of our company are also related to your performance. How can you not care about it? "

Seeing the excitement on Woody's face, Eric was silent. He held Melissa in his arms and didn't say anything, letting Woody scold him and complain. But Eric didn't regret it at all. If he hadn't stopped them just now, Melissa would have been bullied more miserably by those men. Compared with his image, fame and fortune, he cared about her more.

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