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   Chapter 50 An English Class (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-10 00:22

Being scolded by her mother, Melissa could only bite her lower lip to hold back her tears. Even if the tears were surging, she did not dare to say anything and just looked at her mother silently.

Jenny looked back at her husband and burst into tears. "Melissa, I can forgive you, but can you forgive yourself? Your father's disease... He was pissed off by you. How are you going to face your father? "

While they were talking, Paul woke up and slightly turned his head. Jenny wiped her tears immediately and asked, "Paul! Paul! Are you awake? Are you feel better? How are you feeling now? "

Melissa could not help asking, "Dad... Dad... How are you doing? Do you feel better? "

Paul glanced at them and noticed that Melissa stood by the bed. So he kept staring at Melissa.

Melissa thought that her father wanted to talk to him, so she moved forward and called, "Dad... Dad? "

However, Paul was so excited that his eyes widened. He shouted, "you unfilial daughter... You... How dare you come back? " He was out of breath after talking a few words.

Jenny stood up and patted his hand to calm him down, "Paul, Paul, calm down!"

Crying, Melissa stepped back. She didn't know what to say.

Paul asked again, "tell me... Tell me, what's your relationship with Colin? How dare you offend a man like him? Do you think you can hide it from your father? Why did you have to annoy him, instead of other people? Are you trying to piss your father off?

Melissa knelt down and cried, "Dad, I know I was wrong. I wouldn't do it again. I know I was wrong, Dad!"

Hearing what she said, Paul knew that she had

ng, when it was nine o'clock in the evening, she was already very drunk. Her body, especially her face was almost red. But even so, she still ordered wine with a high concentration constantly.

Drinking the wine made her feel very hot. She unbuttoned her top, exposing her collarbone, and even her chest, which made her look very sexy. Many mean men began to try to harass her because she came alone, surrounding her and persuading her to drink.

At this time, Melissa was almost out of her mind. Lying among the crowd of men, she drank up all the wine that the men brought to her. She didn't refuse them, and just wanted to get drunk to paralyze her sad emotions.

"You are really a good drinker! Come on, cheers! " A man held a large bottle of wine and handed it to Melissa. Melissa smiled. She didn't refuse and drank it in one gulp. The men around her kept cheering and watching her shaking. A man with a lewd smile took the opportunity to hold her. He wiped her waist and whispered to her, "Hey, girl. You're a good drinker. Do you want to try some new game with me?"

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