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   Chapter 49 An English Class (Part One)

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Jenny was stunned. She stared at Melissa for a long time, as if she couldn't hear Melissa's words clearly or she was in a dream. After a long time, she asked, "what do you mean by this? …… Do you admit it? "

Melissa lowered her head, not daring to look into her mother's eyes. After a long while, she said softly, "Mom, I don't know what you have heard. Since you're asking me about it and you don't want me to hide it, then I'll tell you the truth between me and Colin... We are not in a relationship... "

There words like stepped on her heart, each word so painfully uttered, and after a moment of forbearance, Melissa continued, "Colin didn't love me, and I... It's impossible for me to fall in love with him, we just take whatever we want... Just as you suspected. "

Having said this, Melissa felt like she had got rid of the virus that had been growing in her heart for five years. Although it was easier for her and she would not hide it any more, the process of removing the virus was also very painful. Her heart was bleeding and she couldn't face her parents.

Jenny was still staring at her. She opened her mouth wide, as if she couldn't believe it. Finally, she showed a deep disappointment in her eyes. She shook her head, bit her teeth and said, "you really made a dirty deal with him outside. Your father loves you in vain! How did you end up like this? Where is the innocent Melissa that you brought up? Why are you such a snob? Is money so attractive to you? It will make you forget your dignity and reputation! "

Jenny was so thrilled that she could hardly contain herself. Afraid that Jenny might pass out, Melissa reached

at all. So she gently called, "Mom, I'm sorry. Please forgive me this time!"

Jenny said coldly, "Melissa, do you remember what we told you? No matter what mistakes you made, you can always be forgiven. Even if the whole world can't forgive you, your father and I will forgive you. We will support you except one thing, which is unforgivable. You know we value our reputation more than our lives. You are our daughter. You should do like us. But how can you be a mistress? Do you know what you are doing now is no different from those whores outside? What's the difference between you and those mistresses who hook up with rich men? Do you have self-esteem? Don't you have a conscience? After all, you had been educated by us for so many years, do you feel sorry for us? You've really let mom and Dad down! " Jenny was so excited that she couldn't help looking back at Melissa with cold eyes.

Melissa was her daughter. It pained her to see Melissa like this. She didn't have the heart to scold or hit Melissa, but the fact disappoint her, it hurts! How could she have such a daughter? Shame on her.

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