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   Chapter 47 (Part One)

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Startled, Melissa felt bad like pouring cold water on her face. Then she felt both cold and heartbroken. She tried to calm down and asked, "Mom, why are you asking this?"

Jenny still stared at her with sharp eyes as if she wanted to see through her. Still, she stared at her and asked, "Tell me the truth. Is that true that Colin loves you?"

Melissa kept in silence when she was facing her mother's sharp eyes. She couldn't tell a lie, nor could she admit it. She could do nothing but quietly look at her. Her heart was quivering and she didn't know how to react with her hands holding her handbag and letting it go.

Seeing her like this, Jenny seemed to be a little disappointed. She said more sharply, "Don't you know what family style is?" A person should have integrity, live upright, and cherish his/her own reputation! "Your father has been in the official field for so many years and has never done anything against his conscience. Although he was setup this time, he has never yielded to that person. Your mother is a professor and a musician and she cares more about her reputation. You are the only daughter of our family and we all love you as if you are treated as a treasure. We don't want you to make great achievements in the future. Even if you are an ordinary person, it doesn't matter. But you have to live a clean life. Otherwise, you will not be worthy of being treated well for your parents and yourself."

"Mom..." It was difficult for Melissa to open her mouth. But at that moment, she didn't know what to say. All she could was to call her mother.

"Tell me the truth. Is it true? Rumors said that you and Colin……" "Do you have a hidden relatio

e, the door of the operating room opened. Jenny rushed to the door without asking her. Melissa also ran to the door. They were waiting for the doctor.

The doctor took off his mask and came out. His forehead was covered with sweat, seeming very tired or nervous. After more than an hour, he was sweating heavily. It was uncertain if it was very dangerous inside. Jenny quickly asked, "Doctor, how is my husband now?"

Melissa looked at him anxiously.

The doctor bowed his head and thought for a while. He seemed to be thinking about what to say. Then he raised his head and said, "Your husband has been rescued temporarily, but……" "Mrs. Shen, I will tell you the truth. I don't know whether your husband's illness can be cured this time. As you can see, his situation just now is so dangerous. Although he is out of danger for the time being, we can't guarantee that in the future, unless..."

"Unless what?" Jenny asked him anxiously and then she added immediately, "Doctor, I'm willing to pay whatever price. As long as my husband can be saved, doctor, please do me a favor. My husband can't be in danger!"

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