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   Chapter 45 None Of Your Business (Part Two)

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Unable to understand her madness, Melissa asked, "what did I take from you that year? Back then, I hardly had the chance to meet you. What can I grab from you? The opportunity given to you is fair. I took part in The Empress Woman's heroine that year, I got it through my had work, then I became famous for a while. The advertising company came to me and the TV crew asked me to take part in the shooting, which was a result of my efforts. I haven't robbed anyone of them. If the crew of the advertising company didn't ask me to shoot, do you really think they will come to you? How could you blame me for robbing your things? " Asked Melissa in confusion.

Anna angrily shook her hands and said, "what are you proud of? Do you still think you are still the famous Melissa and show off in front of me? You were just lucky in the first place. But now you are not stronger than me! You can't compare with me in terms of popularity and status! "

Melissa sneered and said, "yes, you're right. I've been hidden for five years. I'm inferior to you in terms of popularity and status, but in terms of strength, Miss Anna, have you forgotten that you're a singer and a dancer? Do you really have acting skills? As far as I know, our company mainly cultivated actors and actresses, not singers and dancers! How long could Miss Anna be famous in such a circumstance? " She tried to show a graceful smile, which irritated Anna. Then she said, "Miss Anna, good luck, film and television... Famous forever! " Then Melissa took her bag and went out. She didn't want to quarrel with these unreasonable people anymore!

Seeing Melissa leave, Zack

ost beautiful words, it were so beautiful that she wanted to fall. However, if she agreed with Colin and to please Colin, asked him to make her famous, did she have to keep signing contracts with him for five years or even ten years? After all, Colin wouldn't make a bad deal, and he wouldn't let her off lightly! Was she going to continue to sell her soul and live on without dignity in front of Colin?

While her heart was struggling, for some reason, Melissa picked up the phone and answered it in a low voice, "hello."

"Where are you now? Can you leave so easily without my permission? Why are you so disobedient? " Unexpectedly, Colin swore and roared as if he was very unhappy about her decision.

But his teasing shattered her fantasy. Colin didn't love her, so he never respected her will. Even if she just left without permission, he would reprimand her. She was a toy to him. He didn't give her own idea to be a toy, or the master would get angry with her. So, if she stacked with Colin any longer, she would still be tortured. Didn't she have enough in the past five years?

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