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   Chapter 44 None Of Your Business (Part One)

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"Alas, it doesn't mean that you're not qualified for the advertisement if you're not famous. Don't make it so harsh. Our company doesn't want to take your advertisement away, but ask Anna to go on advertising." Zack said.

"Let Anna advertise. When the news come out, everyone will think Anna and Eric are going to shoot the advertisement. Much is expected. Anna is popular now, and when the real advertisement shoot is about me, will the audience accept it? Will fans accept it? There would be a storm of abuse. People will gossip that I stole Anna's advertisement. They will say that I am just a less famous female star who stole the advertisement of Anna with some background! Then Anna will be noble, I will be sweared all the time. Are you going to use me to hype Anna and step on me and make her famous? "

Melissa couldn't help but get excited. She had had enough of the past few days. She was bullied by Sophia. And Colin also hurt her in the past two days. After she got back to the company, still, she was beaten up by them. How could she bear it?

"Alas, Melissa, how could you think like that? At least you and Anna work for me. You two are important people to me, so how can I take advantage of one to make others famous? That will hurt myself. "

"You does do it!" Melissa laughed sarcastically. "You're awesome. Because I'm not famous, because I'm totally worthless. And Anna is in the promotion period of her career. You're very willing to make a completely not famous man to hold a superstar who's gradually becoming famous!"

When Zack was about to explain, the door of the meeting room suddenly opened. Zack paused for a second and looked back. He saw Anna standing at the door in an

what means, she would steal things from Melissa, just like five years ago Melissa stolen all her things! Anna wanted to let Melissa know how it feels to lose.

The more Anna thought about it, the angrier she became. She looked at Melissa and sneered all of a sudden. Then she crossed her arms over her chest, squinted at Melissa and said sarcastically, "Melissa, this advertisement belongs to nobody but me! Don't even think about competing with me! "

Melissa looked at Anna, stood up slowly, and looked at her doubtfully. She didn't understand why Anna was so hostile to her, and Anna declared like a queen that she must take this advertisement. Why could Anna do that? "Now that Miss Anna is a popular star, you should not lack advertisement. Why do you have to compete for it? And don't forget that Eric only wants me to be his partner! "

Anna sneered with disdain, "huh! Even if Eric came to you, so what? Do you really think it is yours? With my present popularity and status, The company will cooperate with me to steal your commercial. Melissa, I used to bear you. From now on, I'll get back everything you took from me. "

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