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   Chapter 43 (Part Two)

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What Zack said was meaningful. After thinking for a while, Melissa knew that Zack learned that she had made a scene outside and she had acted supporting role in a martial arts drama. He also knew that Sophia had privately punished her and slapped her. But even if he knew it, he didn't care about it. This entertainment circle was so realistic. If you were not famous, no one would still care about you.

Sad as she was, Melissa merely nodded and said, "Okay."

"What do you mean by 'yes'?" Zack urged her.

Melissa didn't answer her, but looked down at the cooperation rules. It was very detailed. It didn't seem to cheat people.

But Zack also laughed and said, "There's another thing I want to tell you." In order to support your endorsement, our company had launched many advertising plans. Anna should take part in the preheat stage to promote your advertisement. You also know that Anna is more popular and more influential than you, so if she help you preheat the ad, more people will follow and the exposure would be even higher! "Ha-ha!"

"Pa!" Suddenly, Melissa threw the contract on the table and looked up at Zack coldly, "Why should Anna preheat my advertisement and promote it for me?"

After pausing for a second, Zack laughed and said, "I've told you that. Anna is much more popular than you. If you are led by her, more attention will be attracted! "For your own good."

"Is that for my good?" Melissa sneered, "Zack, if you want to please Anna with my advertisement, just say it. Or you would rather replace me with Anna?" "Why

it's a cruel fact in the entertainment circle. If you are not famous, no one will be supportive of you because you are not outstanding enough. You can't earn money for the company. Why do the company have to spend time on those who are not famous?"

"Do you mean that I am not famous, so I have no right to take this advertisement?" "Even Eric came to our company to seek cooperation with me, but I couldn't accept it."

Melissa suddenly felt ridiculous. It was her opportunity, but she had to give it to others. Because she didn't become popular and couldn't earn too much money. Did she have to give it to others even if she had the chance?

She had hesitated whether she should pick up the advertisement from Eric or not when she came to the company. But at the moment, when she saw the overbearing manner of Zack, she suddenly wanted to take it. It was her advertisement. Even if she didn't want it, she would not let others grab it! Melissa felt angry. She decided to accept the advertisement and fight at least for dignity!

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