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   Chapter 41

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Melissa didn't eat too much this breakfast. After all, she wasn't a person who went on a diet. She even liked to eat meat. So she really had no appetite for all the food cooked by vegetables. No matter how delicious Candy's cooking was, she couldn't eat them all. It was probably because this breakfast was prepared for Avril. Candy told her that the woman liked to eat these vegetables and she was able to cook several dishes on this day as Mr. Colin required.

Candy brought the food prepared for Avril to treat her, how could she eat it? After finishing the fried egg and a couple of milk, she stood up and was about to go out.

Candy walked to her and asked, "Melissa, where are you going?"

Melissa said, "Well, I have to go home now."

Candy asked, "Don't you wait for Mr. Colin to come back?"

Melissa replied flatly, "Didn't Colin come back until night?" So it is too late for me to wait.

"But there is no car here. How can you go back, Melissa?"

Melissa kept silent for a while. Then he asked, "It's in the suburb. Haven't the bus arrived yet?"

Candy replied, "There is a big villa nearby. It is used to drinking and entertainment places and there are many tourists who come here for fun. You can go there to get bus."

Melissa nodded, "That's good. I'll wait for the bus there."

"But it's still half a kilometer from here. The sun is starting to rise in the morning. Melissa, I'm afraid it's not comfortable for you to walk."

"It doesn't matter. I'm an actress. I have experienced in the sun and rain before. And I have performed a movie in desert. I can handle it. I'm leaving. Bye, Candy. Bye!"

Melissa then left after she finished her words. Candy didn't stop her when Melissa made up her mind to leave. She just stood at the door and watched her walking out of the courtyard. After she saw that Melissa had gone away, Candy hurriedly went to her room. She dialed a number with the telephone and waited for a long time before she said, "Hello, madam? ……"

Although Candy brought up Colin, she still served for his mother Fannie. How could she feel relieved when she knew that a woman with a face like Avril lived with Colin and even was brought home by Colin? Even Colin told her not to bleak the news, he couldn't bear to tell Fannie about it. Because she wanted Colin to get rid of Avril and she believed that what she did was good for Colin. She didn't want Colin to be immersed in the pain brought by Avril.

g that, Melissa was confused. She asked, "Does this commercial that Eric has fought for has anything to do with us?"

"By the way, you're right. What kind of relationship does Eric have with us? We are also curious about it. But Eric claimed that he wants to cooperate with you!" He wants to endorse the commercial with you. Besides, I have heard that it took Eric a lot of effort to get to know you. Then he found our company and found your agent, known as Zack. He personally came over to negotiate with me that he wants to cooperate with you. He really care about you. When did Melissa get such a big shot? Why didn't she tell me?"

Melissa kept silent. She didn't answer his question, but asked, "Isn't this commercial for men? I'm a female star. How can I endorse men's clothes with Eric?"

"Don't worry. It's mainly about family and warmth that you and Eric will act as a young couple for it is both fashionable and aesthetic."

Melissa was confused. She frowned and said nothing.

Seeing that Melissa didn't reply, Zack was really afraid. This female star was different from other female stars who used all kinds of methods to get famous. She couldn't be moved by money or fame. If she refused, Zack was afraid that she lost the good chance. So he said, "Where are you now? I'll pick you up. Come to the company quickly and we can discuss it! You know what? It's the spokesperson of an international top brand and you will be in cooperation with the famous movie emperor, Eric. Do you know how many top actors are scrambling for your role? Don't forget that it's a good chance for you. Come to the company right now!"

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