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   Chapter 40

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"Good!" Colin gazed at her for a long time and then gritted his teeth with saying, "I'll be relieved if you have this thought."

Nobody had no idea whether Colin said those words sincerely or against his heart. But he was heartbroken and mad at the thought of it to speak this words.

Hearing his words, Melissa sneered, "What are you worrying about?" Or what are you worried about? "Are you worried that I will badger you like those women outside?"

Colin didn't reply, but stared at her. The look in his eyes was quiet and deep and cold, which contained a lot of emotions.

Seeing that he didn't answer, Melissa said, "Then you can rest assured. I still have dignity." Then she turned her back to him and went on sleeping, as if she didn't want to face him.

Hearing that, Colin was frozen on the spot. He didn't know whether to hug her or let her leave his arms, or to turn her back against him. After a long time, he suddenly asked, "Don't you want me to make you popular?" "Don't you want to use such a big backstage?"

Hearing this, Melissa opened her eyes again, but she didn't turn back. "I'm a person with integrity, not to mention that I never intended to use your power from the beginning. The price is too high. I won't have the guts to touch it again."

"So do you want to struggle for yourself?"

After a long pause, Melissa replied, "No matter how successful I am, I won't get in the way of your power or influence. I'll be grateful as long as you, known as Colin, don't trouble me!" "We will be apart next month. I hope you can show mercy and don't cause any trouble to me. I really appreciate it, Mr. Colin!"

Hearing that, Colin didn't reply. He slowly withdrew his hand from her and lay down behind her. They fell asleep, each with something on their minds.

But Melissa couldn't fall asleep. With her back to him, she opened her eyes. Colin lay behind her, resting his arms on his head and staring at the ceiling.

After a long time, as Melissa stared at the wall and felt tired, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Then Colin abruptly turned over and she woke up again. She found Colin get up from bed. Colin put

re breakfast for you right away. Just warm it up. Please wait for a moment!"

Melissa glanced around the living room and as she expected. No one else was in the room, except for Candy. So she asked, "Where is Colin?"

Candy had to stop and answered, "Oh, he went out early in the morning."

"What is he doing outside?"

It seemed that Candy wasn't afraid of Melissa thinking too much at all, or perhaps because of the statement that Colin had mentioned to her. She thought that Melissa was just one of those sexy women and wasn't scared of hurting her. Therefore, she honestly said, "Mr. Colin, he's in the cemetery now."

"To the cemetery?"

"Oh, today is the anniversary of Avril. Every year, he always got up early and went to the cemetery to visit her. He might not be able to come back until night. And today's breakfast can only be cooked with vegetables. Avril is a vegetarian. On her anniversary, he always accompanied her to eat vegetables all day."

Hearing that, Melissa didn't say anything more. She finally understood that it wasn't that Colin didn't have kindness, but that he had given Avril his heart. Every year, he remembered clearly her death anniversary. And on that day, he had to get up early to see her. And for her, he had also been eating only vegetables the whole day. Even though she had died for so many years, his love for her had not changed at all. It seemed that he still cared about her.

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