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   Chapter 39 Isn't It A Good Idea

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Melissa was watching TV in the living room the whole time. When it was late at night, Candy seemed to want to go to bed. She asked Melissa several times, but she didn't sleep. Candy didn't dare to sleep, either. She was busy taking care of Melissa.

Melissa tried several times to make her sleep first but Candy was refused. After that, Melissa really felt bad about it and went upstairs at ten o'clock, then Candy went to sleep.

After Melissa went upstairs, she didn't know what to do. After hesitating for a long time, she finally walked into Colin's room, which was the only place she could go.

Colin was busy with his work, working hard on his computer. He didn't even raise his head at the sight of Melissa.

Then Melissa went to take a bath with her pajamas. When she came out, she saw Colin sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee and watching TV. She didn't expect him to move so fast, or maybe she was too slow in the shower? But it happened just over twenty minutes.

Melissa glanced at him and said nothing. Then she was about to enter the bedroom, but Colin suddenly stated, "come here!" His tone was calm. There was no anger or order like that in the evening. All in all, he called her over lightly.

Melissa didn't want to quarrel with him. After all, they were living in the same house. If she kept quarreling tonight, it would be hard to keep the peace. So she just said lightly, "I'm tired and want to sleep. You can watch TV yourself." Then she entered the room.

Colin was peacefully this time. He didn't say anything more about her refusal. He watched TV for a while, but his mind was somewhere else. So he turned off the TV and went to sleep with Melissa with a same quilt.

Melissa leaned sideways to avoid facing him. Colin turned off the light and crawled into the quilt, making her stiff. In addition, Colin reached out his hands to hug her, which made her even more stiff.

Colin stayed quiet behind her for a while, and then asked in a low voice, "are you still afraid of me?"

He wanted to say, "I don't believe a man's words." But she didn't. So there was no need to be mad at him. After all, he was so bossy. She had never won when she againsted him, why should she fight with him? She didn't want to upset herself, so she didn't answer him.

With a sigh, Colin continued, "maybe I'll treat you better if you can please me. But you're too stubborn? Why do

deal with her again and again in the future? After all, if either side tempted first in the battle between the two, he would definitely lose, and he would never get a chance to win. And he would dead that had no burial place. So Melissa kept silent and didn't answer him.

Colin squinted, with a sharp look in his eyes. He raised her chin with his long finger and asked, "have you fallen in love with me? Because you love me, you like those naive little girls there are expectations for me?"

"Nope!" Melissa quickly denied it. But she regretted speaking it out as soon as she opened her mouth. She said it so quickly as if she felt guilty. Didn't that mean she lied?

As expected, Colin didn't believe her words at all. He curled his lips into a cunning smile and said, "you're trying to justify yourself, and you're guilty."

Melissa looked into his eyes and was not reconciled at all. After a long time, she knew she couldn't hide her emotions, but she was not reconciled to be moved by him, nor to be defeated first. So she began to sneer and admit coldly, "OK, you're right. Even if I start to really interested in you, even if I have a fantasy for you, but those are the past. You've told me this morning that you wouldn't fall in love with me, that I shouldn't expect anything from you. From the moment I raised my hand to swear, my love for you was shattered. I won't expect anything from you anymore and I won't love you. So don't worry! "

Slowly squinting his eyes, Colin saw her speaking in such a resolute way, she said that she would never love him that made him feel painful.

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