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   Chapter 35 A Fight

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Hearing that, Melissa froze and didn't move. Although she tried to keep calm, she was restless in her heart. She was surprised that Colin who always had been superior would bow his head and admit his mistakes to a woman. And why did he do that? He used to tease her in front of Sophia that she was only a pair of broken shoes. Then why did he keep a low profile now?

Seeing that Melissa didn't move, Colin said coldly, "get off. Take some ointment."

Melissa still didn't move. She just sat there with her back to him. Anyone could see her stubbornness from her back.

At last, reluctantly, Colin took the medicine bottle and cotton swab, walked up to her and applied medicine to her wound.

She saw Colin reach out, and Melissa turned away, and again he couldn't touch her, and suddenly he was angry and said coldly, "Woman! How do you be my woman? Are you not going to be with me anymore? Why are you so silly? Every women is always obedient to her man. Even if she is wronged, she has to please her man. You can't offend the master of the wealthy family. How can you be in the entertainment industry with such a tough heart? "

His words struck a sharp knife into her heart. Melissa was a tough woman. She always believed that people should have integrity. It was difficult to bow down, not to fawn on the boss, not to play up to the big boss. Therefore, she offended the only backstage manipulator. How could such a woman work in the entertainment circle?

Later on, Colin reached out his hand again to apply ointment for her, but Melissa didn't dodge. Instead, she stood still, quietly watching him apply the ointment.

Colin said, "didn't you feel tired standing here? " Melissa didn't answer him, so he pushed her on the bed and then sat next to her to apply medicine to her wounds quietly.

When Melissa felt it was cold, she then realized that it was real. This man was applying medicine to her wounds, inch by inch, carefully. He applied the ointment in a gentle way as if he was afraid of hurting her, totally different from his previous violent behaviors. As a result, Melissa was almost lost in his tenderness.

She couldn't help but turn around to look at Colin, trying to see something i

offend people, such as Sophia. Not like the Melissa she used to be that she slapped Colin for forcing a kiss on her. She had too many worries now, for instance, her parents. They didn't allow her to lower her head to the reality, or to remain good. They also didn't allow her to act like a spoiled girl in the future.

Then she recalled that perhaps Colin was prone to be mistreated. He saw her pour a glass of wine on him and give him a slap on the face, which reminded him of Avril. And that was why he worked so hard and deliberately planned to get her. Moreover, she was imprisoned beside him for five years and treated her as his lover.

But after all, she was not Avril, wasn't she? So even if she was the woman who stayed by his side for the longest time, she would not have a happy ending. Moreover, she had become completely different from Avril, he would not like her any more.

That thought suddenly occurred to her. Melissa couldn't help but chuckle.

"What are you laughing at?" Colin asked.

"No, I'm just congratulating myself for being smarter!" Replied Melissa.

Yes, she had become smarter and didn't believe in love, so she could better protect herself from harm.

Hearing that, Colin said mysteriously, "Melissa, don't fall in love with me. Don't imagine it. You don't want to know the stories of Prince and Cinderella was all bullshit. I won't fall in love with you. I will always love Avril. You'd better give up on me as soon as possible!"

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